Quick Tip: Do This Warm Up Before Front Squats

Scott Herman
Written By: Scott Herman
June 5th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In this video, Scott Herman shares his tips on how to properly warm up before doing front squats to avoid wrist & elbow pain. Check it out & give it a shot!

Do you experience wrist or elbow pain while front squatting?

Well, it might not be a wrist mobility issue like you think.

It might be tight lats causing the problem.

And in this video, team BSN athlete and Youtube trainer Scott Herman is going to provide a quick fix so you can start front squatting pain free.

Warming Up for Front Squats

Prior to front squatting, Scott always makes sure he stretches his lats out. And he does so by using two different methods.

The first thing Scott does to stretch out his lats involves a resistance band. He attaches the resistance band to a high surface (such as a pull up bar), wraps the other end around his wrist, and gets into a squat position.

The resistance from the band pulls the arm and provides a deep stretch on the lat to loosen up the muscle. Scott repeats this process on both sides for 10-15 seconds each and performs at least 2 sets of this warm up.

The other method Scott uses is with a foam roller. After stretching the lats, Scott gets some deep tissue relieve by using a foam roller on the lats for 5-10 passes. The goal by doing this is to allow the pressure provided by the foam roller to loosen up the muscle.

But don’t simply just do this before your sets of front squat. Get the most out of it by performing these 2 movements in between each set of your front squat as well.