Scott Herman

Scott Herman is the CEO of and leader of a YouTube community with millions of subscribers worldwide, ScottHermanFitness, where he produces fitness content on a weekly basis.

Exercise and fitness became a part of my life at a very young age. I started working in a gym at the age of 14 and right away realized that I had found my true passion. Growing up in a gym not only allowed me to attain a great physique but also taught me everything I needed to know about fitness.

I began my journey as a maintenance employee cleaning and fixing gym equipment and had every job from personal training to sales & marketing until I became a General Manager.

Then after obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, I launched (Now in 2007 with the dream of revolutionizing the fitness industry. During my gym years, I realized that many people could not afford personal training and I decided to help underprivileged members by creating short exercise demonstration videos and posting them on YouTube and on my website.

Just a few short years later I saw my dreams coming true. I became a cast member on “The Real World: Brooklyn Season 21”! in 2009 and with the rapid rise in popularity of social media networks all over the world I was able to utilize this opportunity as a platform to get my message of fitness out to the masses.

Now, I am the leader of a YouTube community with MILLIONS of subscribers worldwide ( and produce fitness content on a weekly basis!

I also built my own social media network on my website where members can create profiles and access a wealth of amazing information such as articles, recipes, workouts and meal plans and I plan to continue to produce quality content and help make the world a healthier place no matter your goal or fitness level!

Scott Herman's Content

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Cable Crossovers Vs Dumbbell Fly: Which Builds A Bigger Chest?
BSN athlete Scott Herman (from the Youtube channel Scott Herman Fitness) breaks down the differences between the cable crossover and the dumbbell fly.
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Superset For Inner Chest Muscle Building (ft. Scott Herman)
The inner chest is a common area people look to target. In this video BSN athlete Scott Herman shares an effective superset to help bring out the inner chest.
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Lat Pull Downs Vs Pull Ups: Which One Builds A Bigger Back?
Team BSN athlete & Youtube star Scott Herman breaks down the differences between the Lat Pull Down and the Pull Up. Which exercise builds a bigger back?
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5 Pre-Workout Foam Roller Exercises to Prevent Injuries
BSN Athlete Scott Herman shares 5 foam rolling drills that are essential for injury prevention. Check them out and start using them in your warm up!
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Dumbbell Pullover: Chest or Back Exercise?
BSN Athlete Scott Herman breaks down the differences in the technique used when performing the dumbbell pullover to better isolate the back and the pecs.
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The BEST Way to Warm Up Your Shoulders
In this video, we teamed up with Scott Herman to show you some simple exercises you can do before your big push workouts to help keep you injury-free.
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Plank vs. Crunch: Which is the Best Exercise for Abs & Core?
Which exercise is the better abdominal builder? BSN athlete Scott Herman breaks down the differences between the plank and the floor abdominal crunch.
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