Dallas McCarver's 2017 Arnold Classic Superset Shoulder Workout

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February 28th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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We follow 25 year old IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dallas McCarver 4.5 weeks out from the 2017 Arnold Classic as he hits an intense superset shoulder workout.

IFBB Pro bodybuilder and Team Redcon1 athlete Dallas McCarver is just 5 weeks out from the Arnold Classic 2017.

We caught his second workout of the day in this video.

Dallas crushes an intense superset shoulder workout while in full prep mode for the big show.

Exercise 1: Behind The Neck Press

First up for Dallas’ second workout of the day is the behind the neck shoulder press on a smith machine.

For this exercise, Dallas works up to a weight in which he can perform 10 reps before reaching failure. Afterwards, he drops down to a weight he can perform sets of 15 reps with.

This particular exercise isn’t necessarily a staple for Dallas. He likes to vary his opening exercise and rep counts week to week based on how he’s feeling.

Superset 1: Incline Front Raise & Cable Rear Delt Fly

For Dallas’ first superset of the workout, he performs incline front raises paired with cable rear delt flys.

Since Dallas is training twice a day and each muscle group twice a week, he makes sure to vary his exercise selection and optimizes his time to recover in between training bouts.

Dallas tries to limit his rest periods and performs exercises the moment he’s ready to go. Otherwise, he feels as though he’s wasting his time waiting around.

Superset 2: Lying Cable Lateral Raise & Dumbbell Lateral Raise

After finishing his first superset, Dallas tackles his next superset.

His second superset of the workout includes a couple of lateral raise variations: Lying cable lateral raises and dumbbell lateral raises.

Exercise 6: Upright Barbell Rows

The last movement of Dallas’ shoulder workout is the barbell upright row.

Dallas closes out his workout by stating that not many people truly understand the sacrifices it takes to be at an elite level, especially in your early 20s. At the end of the day, he feels it is well worth it.