Clean Fast Food: Whataburger & Chick-fil-a w/ Jason Poston

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August 23rd, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Jason Poston takes us through what he orders at Chick-fil-a & Whataburger. He also shows how he customizes his order to fit his needs being a type-1 diabetic.

We’re back with another installment of our popular YouTube video series, Clean Fast Food.

In Clean Fast Food episodes, we have the industry’s pros take us through the drive-thru at their favorite fast food chains and show us exactly what they’d order while eating out.

This particular episode features ProSupps athlete and IFBB Pro, Jason Poston.

Jason takes us to two places, Whataburger and Chick-fil-a.

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The first stop on Jason’s fast food journey is at Whataburger. Whataburger is an extremely popular burger chain in Texas and throughout some of the southern states. A lot of people liken it to that of In-N-Out Burger out in California.

At Whataburger, he orders a grilled chicken apple cranberry chicken salad, a grilled chicken sandwich with extra tomatoes, and a plain double meat Whataburger.

Jason also notes that when making special food requests, to be extra nice to the workers taking your order. It’s important to remember that you are making their job more difficult, so always be patient.

Jason takes the double meat from the Whataburger and puts it on the chicken sandwich to make a protein rich meal.

Being a type-1 diabetic, before eating each meal during the day, he has to dose the appropriate amount of insulin for the amount of carbs he is consuming.

Whataburger Macros – 698 Calories, 22g of Fat, 55g of Carbs, and 70g of Protein


The next stop on Jason’s Clean Fast Food episode is at Chick-fil-a. He notes that Chick-fil-a is one of the easier places to eat out at due to the fact that they have a slightly longer list of healthier options when compared to other fast food chains.

He orders as grilled chicken sandwich with double tomatoes and pickles, an additional side of chicken breast, and a large diet lemonade. The meal also comes with a side of super food greens containing kale, broccoli, and raisins.

Chick-fil-a Macros – 590 Calories, 17.5g of Fat, 54g of Carbs, and 57g of Protein