Chris Bumstead's Classic Bodybuilding Chest Workout At The Mecca

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December 28th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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What do you do the morning after a 10,000 calorie cheat meal? If you're IFBB Pro Chris Bumstead, you train chest of course...especially if it is a Monday.

We teamed up with MHP to cover Chris Bumstead’s trip to the Mr. Olympia competition this past September.

Shortly after the Olympia, Chris headed out to Los Angeles to train at the Mecca, Gold’s Gym Venice.

The day after his epic post-Olympia cheat day, Chris trained chest at the Mecca.

The video begins with Chris admiring all of the pictures on the walls. Then, Chris begins his chest workout by performing machine flys to pre-exhaust his chest.

Chris likes to begin all of his workouts with a free weight exercise, and for chest he opts for the incline dumbbell bench press. Chris works all the way up to the 150lb dumbbells and is excited to drop the weight for the first time (he typically works out at gyms with hardwood floors).

After finishing up on dumbbell incline bench press, Chris heads over to the hammer strength incline press machine. There, he is greeted by a large man in a red shirt who tells Chris to stay put while he goes to get a “gift” for him out of his car.

After a few sets of incline machine presses, the man returns with a Mr. Olympia medallion/necklace and presents it to Chris stating, “From Russia with love”.

Chris finishes up with incline machine press and heads over to a flat bench press machine. The machine is new to Chris, and trying out new machines at different gyms is one of Chris’ favorite things to do.

Since the cable machines were all taken, Chris finishes up his workout by heading outside to perform 100 total pushups in as few sets to failure as possible.

Chris Bumstead’s Chest Workout at the Mecca

Exercise Sets Reps
1. Machine Fly 3 15
2. Dumbbell Incline Bench Press 5 8-12
3. Incline Machine Press 4 10
4. Machine Press 3 10
5. Push Ups - 100 total