[Video] Badass Shoulder Building Workout (Plus MAJOR Blood Sugar Crash!)

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October 8th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Follow Team Prosupps Athlete & IFBB Pro, Jason Poston, while he performs a full shoulder workout & goes into some of the struggles of being a type-1 diabetic.

Earlier in the year, the M&S team caught up with Prosupps athlete Jason Poston in his hometown of Dallas, Texas.

While there, we asked the global fitness trainer to hook us up with a killer shoulder workout.

And he created what he called “The Badass Shoulder Building Workout”.

Unfortunately, while doing the workout Jason has a major blood sugar crash that nearly takes him out.

But he regroups, fights it off, and kills the rest of the workout.

A feat that is truly motivating to watch.

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Badass Shoulder Building Workout

Exercise Sets Reps
A1. Dumbbell Lateral Raise 4 10
A2. Dumbbell Y Lateral Raise 4 10
Prime Shoulder Machine Press 4 6-10
B1. Incline Front Raises 3 10-12
B2. Incline Reverse Fly 3 10-12
C1. Single Arm Landmine Press 3 8 Each
C2. Poston Press 3 8

Jason kicks off his workout with a 5-10 minute warm up for his shoulders. During this warm up he performs 5-8 different quick shoulder exercises to engage the muscle fibers he’s about to work.

After his warm up is done, he goes straight into working sets of his lateral and Y-raise superset. After the first set, his blood sugar begins to quickly crash. This forces him to sit off to the side and eat sugars to get his blood sugar in check.

This is something Jason is forced to live with as a type-1 diabetic. It affects almost every aspect of his life. However, he’s learned to not let it take away from doing the things he’s passionate about in life and business.

Once he’s gotten his blood sugar elevated again, he has to rewarm up and then carry on with his workout.

From the initial superset, he moves on to the prime shoulder machine press for 4 sets. Each set he moves the weight to a different position to change the peak resistance.

Jason then moves on to his next superset which combines an incline front raise and an incline reverse fly.

And to finish up his workout, Jason does a single arm landmine press and Poston press superset. The Poston press is an exercise Jason came up with himself to better target the many heads of the deltoid. It eliminates the full press of the Arnold Press and focuses more on the rotation aspect of the exercise.

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Damn that was a low reading. Hypos during training are very annoying. I Imagine youre testing before training but sometimes it just drops.