Dallas McCarver's Lifestyle: Nutrition, Training, Business & Work Ethic

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Written By: M&S Team
March 2nd, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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We finish off our 3 part series with A Day In the life of Dallas McCarver 4.5 weeks out from the 2017 Arnold Classic. Check out how the 315lb pro lives!

In our “A Day With” series, we take you behind the scenes and into the life of professional bodybuilders.

Today, we follow IFBB Pro and Redcon1 athlete Dallas McCarver around Boca Raton, Fl as he prepares to hit the stage at the 2017 Arnold Classic.

Dallas kicks off his days with 45 minutes of cardio on the StairMaster before eating multiple meals and hitting the gym for a couple of weight lifting sessions.

Dallas met his training partner in college at Bethel University. Beau Weiss was Dallas’ football coach his freshman year at Bethel. The moment Dallas hit a front double bicep in front of him, he knew he was cut out for the sport of bodybuilding.

Dallas joined the Redcon1 team in 2016. CEO Aaron Singerman felt Dallas was perfect to be the face of Redcon1 because his work ethic is exactly what the brand is all about. True grit and a blue collar work ethic goes a long way in getting stuff done.

Dallas is working with Chad Nicholls during his prep for this year’s Arnold Classic. Dallas likes the consistency in food sources that Chad prescribes him during his prep.

Once a week, Dallas has a 1-2 hour massage therapy session. This therapy is crucial for recovery and mobility.

Dallas has always been a big guy, no matter how much he’s dieted down. Bodybuilding, at this point in his career, is all about bringing a long weak points in his physique so he can nail it on stage during his shows.