4 Killer Leg Exercises For Your Next Leg Workout

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September 8th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Earlier this month, we visited Kris Gethin to get an inside look at some of the unique exercise variations he has developed over the years in the gym.

Last month, the M&S media team traveled to Boise, ID and met up with Kaged Muscle CEO Kris Gethin.

While at one of his favorite home gyms, Kris showed us some of the unique exercise variations he has developed over the years he’s spent in the gym.

In this video, Kris covers 3 leg exercises he likes to use to isolate his quads and hamstrings.

1. Unilateral Hamstring Curl

The first exercise Kris shows us how to perform is a unilateral hamstring curl. Kris got this idea from Charles Glass.

To set up for the exercise, lean forward into a lunge position on the hamstring curl machine. Support yourself on the pad of the machine, curl the weight up, hold for a second, and bring the weight back down.

Aim to do about 10 repetitions for this exercise before moving on to the other leg.

2. Cable Stiff-Legged Deadlift

Next up, Kris heads to the cable machine for a bilateral exercise.

To set up for this exercise, you’ll attach a bar to a low cable pulley. Keep your legs and back straight and pull the weight using your hamstrings as you would performing any deadlift variation.

Aim to do anywhere from 15-20 reps for 3 sets on this exercise.

3. Vertical Smith Machine Leg Press

For his third exercise, Kris moves on to a quad focused lift. The first one he describes is a vertical smith machine leg press.

Kris lies down on the floor with his hips directly underneath the bar. Then he places his feet underneath the bar and unracks it from the smith machine.

Kris uses moderate weight and will keep the range of motion a little bit shallower when performing this exercise to eliminate the risk of injury.

4. Thruster Squats

The last exercise Kris show us is the thurster squat, and he likes to superset these with a bigger leg exercise.

He believes that performing these thruster squats with tired legs helps him work on his explosiveness.

Kris performs this exercise to failure and will even hold a medicine ball as an added form of resistance.