3 Ways to Increase Your Bench Press Strength with Vernon Davis

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September 29th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Get some training tips from one of the best tight ends to ever play football! In this video, Vernon Davis talks about how you can improve your bench press!

We recently traveled to Washington D.C. to team up with Muscletech athlete and pro football player, Vernon Davis, to bring you some of his All-Pro training secrets.

Vernon finished our shoot by filling us in on 3 exercises he uses to help improve his bench press strength.

And as a former champ, 2x Pro Bowler, and surefire future Hall of Famer, you’d be wise to incorporate some of these tips into your own workout program.

1. Tricep Pushdown

The first exercise Vernon likes using to build a bigger bench press is the tricep pushdown.

Whenever performing the pushdown, you want to make sure your elbows are locked in nice and tight. Really squeeze the tricep while performing these and be sure to inhale and exhale during the exercise.

For the tricep pushdown, Vernon recommends performing 4 sets of 10 reps.

2. Front and Lateral Raises

Vernon makes sure to always include front raises and lateral raises to his workout programs when he’s trying to improve his bench press strength.

For both of these exercise, bring the weight up quickly while under control, hold the weight for a brief pause, and lower it back slowly. This creates more time under tension, further promoting your ability to build shoulder muscle.

3. Fly/Push Combo

The third exercise Vernon uses to strengthen his bench press is a fly/push combo.

For the push motion, bring the weight together and push as if you were performing a close grip dumbbell press. On the dumbbell chest flys, squeeze your pecs together at the top of the movement.

This combo is crucial for building all the muscles involved with a bench press including the shoulders, chest, and triceps.

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