[Video] 3 Big Forearm Building Exercises w/ Victor Martinez

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October 26th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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If you want big arms, you have to train forearms. Take these 3 exercises from IFBB legend, Victor Martinez, and start building your forearms today.

If you’re trying to build a complete body that is truly aesthetic and symmetrical, then you better be putting in some forearm work.

The problem? Not a lot of people do it. And even fewer know how to train forearms effectively.

So, when we shot video content with bodybuilding legend and team MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, earlier in the year – we made sure to get his thoughts on forearm training.

Few people in the world – if any – have denser forearms than big Vic. And as a result, he has one of the nicest (biggest) pair of arms in the game.

These are the 3 main exercises he uses to train his forearms.

1. Standing Behind The Back Wrist Curl

The first forearm exercise Victor shows us is the standing behind the back wrist curl.

A lot of people tend to roll too far when performing this exercise. As a result, they have to rely too much on finger strength to hold the weight during the exercise. Vic recommends that you stop the movement a little earlier to keep complete tension on the forearms.

Grab the bar at about hip width apart. From there, curl the weight up focusing on creating tension in the forearms. Pause for a second at the top of the movement before releasing and returning to the starting position.

Most forearm exercises are high rep movements. The focus here is building detail within the muscle. So, perform sets of 20-25 reps per set.

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2. Seated Dumbbell Wrist Curls

For the next exercise, Vic opts for a seated dumbbell wrist curl variation. This movement is a lot like a concentration curl, except instead of curling with the bicep – you’ll curl with the forearm.

This exercise is great for hitting the upper portion of the forearm. Perform each rep slow and under control. This will create more time under tension for the forearm, which can lead to better muscle growth.

For this exercise, you’ll also want to perform between 20-25 reps.

3. Dumbbell Reverse Incline Wrist Curl

Lastly, Victor plays with some angles by utilizing a preacher curl to make his final variation an incline wrist curl.

He also reverses his grip to hit the outter (or top) of the forearm muscle. This movement is referred to as the dumbbell reverse incline wrist curl.

Perform 15-20 reps while doing this exercise to really feel the forearm burn.

Put these exercises to good use and build your very own set of Popeye forearms.