Mass Performance Program: Muscle Building Upper/Lower Split Workout

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September 3rd, 2015
Updated: May 26th, 2021
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MPP Program
Mass Performance Program is an intense 10 week muscle building plan designed to add size and strength. The program comes with instructional training videos and complete nutrition plan.

Mass Performance Program (MPP)

Summer's over and it's time for another lazy offseason, right? Wrong!

When winter has passed, do you want to feel bloated and tired or ripped and strong?

If you're ready to work hard for big, lean gains, you've come to the right place. Mass Performance Program is a 10 week trainer designed to make the most of your offseason.

Muscle & Strength's Mass Performance Program will increase your training intensity to keep you in top shape even as you add size.

Key to the success of your lean gains is Mass Performance Program's custom nutrition and supplementation plan which includes a BMR tracking tool and full macronutrient breakdown.

Fitness experts David Morin and Justin Woltering are here to coach you through the 10 week program.

Download the free ebook, check out the videos, and get ready for an offseason unlike any you've ever experienced.

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Program Overview

Day 1 - Upper Body

Day 1 upper body training focuses on the chest. After plenty of benching, it's time for pullovers, pullups, and some triceps and biceps isolation work.

Day 2 - Lower Body

To really pack on the pounds, you can't skip lower body training. The key target on Day 2 will be the posterior chain. The primary lift is the deadlift which you'll hit hard before working on other leg exercises.

Day 4 - Upper Body

Upper Body: Fresh off your rest day, it's time to blast your shoulders from all angles. In addition to overhead pressing, you'll also do lateral raises, rows, and curls.

Day 5 - Lower Body

Lower Body: The last day of your training week will leave you begging for the weekend. It's time for a brutal leg day that's all about squats.

Nutrition & Supplementation

Just following the workouts isn't enough. 80-90% of your success will come from diet, and MPP's nutrition and supplementation guidelines will allow you to see big results.