Alexia Bronson

Alexia Bronson
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Alexia Bronson is a member of the International Sports Science Association and a Kaged Muscle Sponsored athlete. She enjoys all things fitness, especially creating healthy desert recipes.

Hi everyone! My name is Alexia Bronson and I am 23 years old (born August 23, 1992).

I am recently married to Milton Bronson, who is in the military, and we live in Clarksville Tennessee. We attended the same high school together located in a small town in Central Florida. Having rekindled our high school romance, 4 years later at our local home town gym, we now find ourselves pursuing our fitness dreams alongside one another.

We’ve been blessed to be sponsored by our favorite supplement company, Kaged Muscle, which provides us with everything we need to keep our bodies properly fueled for this lifestyle. We are also part of the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) getting our Degrees in Exercise Science.

To top it all off, we’ve just launched our very own fitness company, allowing us to share all of our knowledge with our clients. We provide them with specific goal workout programs (such as a booty program, muscle builder program, a core program, etc.), and customized workout plans/nutrition plans that fit our client’s needs.

What got me where I am today was determination, consistency, and discipline; all traits I plan to embed in each and every one of our clients that become a part of Bronson Elite Fitness. I have always been one to stay true to my goals. When I say that I am going to do something, you better believe it is going to get done!

My passion in life is to do nothing other than motivate and inspire other women, to share with them that they need to be the most confident versions of themselves. Every person in the world deserves that feeling, because with that, comes the feeling of being unstoppable.

To me, that is the biggest accomplishment in life, and you can achieve anything at that point!

Back tracking to the time in-between high school and running into Milton, I pursued my dream as a pastry chef and attended culinary school in Orlando, FL. I have worked for many large hotel corporations, such as Marriott, Hyatt, and the Omni Hotel, creating significant desserts and recipes for thousands of people.

The part of this job that I lived for though, was the smile that instantly grew on people’s faces as soon as they ate my desserts. Absolutely nothing beats it. I later realized that I can create that same reaction with desserts that were surprisingly healthy!

And that was where my two favorite things in life meshed and you got your Cheat Clean Pastry Chef! I now offer free healthy dessert recipes that you can find on my Instagram Page @iron_alexia20 as well as on, and soon on our website (which will be up and running soon).

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