What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast with Steve Kuclo

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November 11th, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Check out Allmax's Steve Kuclo as he cooks up a giant breakfast to begin his day. With eggs, egg whites, grits, & toast, Steve's got the recipe for gains!

If one statement has stood the test of time it’s “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.

We recently traveled to the home of the Kuclo’s in Dallas, TX.

In the morning, Team Allmax athlete Steve Kuclo invited us over for breakfast.

It goes without saying that the man known as King Snake eats a breakfast fit for a king.

Breakfast is Steve’s favorite meal of the day, because there are a lot of different options you can go with. However, 90% of the time he sticks with either oatmeal or grits, egg whites, spinach, chicken, and Ezekiel toast.

In the offseason he has the ability to be a little more flexible with the amount of food he consumes at each meal. Still, he always weighs his food, because he likes to know what he is eating. This allows him to know whether he needs to change things/add things based on how his body reacts.

The thing Steve likes most about grits is they can be either a sweet dish or a savory dish.  In fact, he likes to make it a combo with spray butter and Splenda packets. They do take a while to cook, approximately 7 minutes in the microwave, but this gives him time to simultaneously work on his eggs.

Steve begins his egg whites by cooking spinach first. While the spinach is being cooked down, he breaks in a couple of whole eggs to a separate skillet.

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Steve’s a big salt and seasoning guy. He thinks a lot of people are too scared of salt, and he feels that consuming it in moderation can lead to better hydration and pumps in the gym.

Once the spinach is the right texture for Steve, he adds in about a cup and a half of egg whites to the skillet and throws two pieces of toast into the toaster. Steve doesn’t like to overcook his egg whites, so he kills the heat just as they start rounding up.

He begins to wrap things up by moving the egg whites to his plate, followed by the whole eggs, and covers them with ketchup and spray butter. Then, he fetches the grits from the microwave, tops them with spray butter and Splenda, grabs his toast, and enjoys his breakfast.

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