Steve Kuclo's Powerhouse Shoulder Workout at Muscle & Strength Gym

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March 24th, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Steve Kuclo's photo shoot turned into an intense training session. 150lbs overhead presses and machines filled to max capacity; you don't want to miss this!

IFBB Pro and ALLMAX athlete Steve Kuclo joined the Muscle & Strength team to film one of his powerhouse shoulder workouts at the Muscle & Strength gym. 

The man nicknamed King Snake entered M&S Headquarters for a photoshoot and left as the gym's record holder for dumbbell shoulder press and machine press. 

In fact, he shoulder pressed the heaviest dumbbells on-site and ran out of room to add weight on the machine press!

We caught the whole workout on video and Steve provides several training tips.

1. Seated Dumbbell Press

Steve enjoys training heavy year round. He tends to train heavier in the off-season, utilizing his extra energy to make stubborn muscles grow. If a competition is nearing, he will hold off on trying to set any new pesonal records.

Steve begins his workout with his main lift. Since it's shoulder day, Steve begins with seated overhead dumbbell presses. For all his lifts, Steve performs four total sets. On his main lifts, the first three sets are warm up sets. He increases the weight with every set, and begins to reach failure by sets two or three. 

His final set, Steve presses an unbelievable 150lbs overhead. 

2. Side Lateral Raises

Steve provides us with some tips on how to perform side lateral raises. He informs us to keep elbows at a higher level than the hands and to always focus on using the delts to pull instead of traps or allowing momentum to carry the weight.

He performs 4 total sets, including a warmup, two working, and one final power partial set that kicks off a dropset. Steve utilizes the power partial set to overload the muscle fibers in his shoulders.

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3. Rear Delt Cable Pulls

Steve performs 4 sets of rear delt cable pulls and sheds light on how he earned the nickname King Snake. The former member of a Mustang car club may have more horsepower than his old Mustang Cobra.

4. Superset: Machine Shoulder Press and Rear Delt Machine

Steve finishes his workout with a high volume super set, utilizing minimal rest periods to really blast his delts.

While seated on the rear delt pec deck machine, Steve tries to picture that he is reaching sideways and pushing outwards.

During his last set on the machine shoulder press, Steve runs out of room to add weight to the machine!