Interview with WNBF Figure Profressional Nadine Dumas

Nadine Dumas
Quick Stats
  • Nadine Dumas
  • Figure Pro
  • May 2, 1981
  • Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
  • 5'8"
  • 120 lbs
  • 135 lbs
Nadine talks about how she got into weight training and her goals for 2010. Read about her surprise transition from accountant to top fitness role model.

Born in Red Deer, Canada, Nadine Dumas happened upon a natural bodybuilding contest after moving to the Carribean. Deciding to try her hand with the iron, Nadine trained and took home a third place finish in her first show. And she was hooked.

Nadine recently signed with Maximum Human Performance, and is looking to promote natural figure and bodybuilding in Canada.

Nadine DumasMuscle and Strength: Who is Nadine Dumas, and how did you get involved with weight training and figure?

Nadine Dumas: Well, I grew up in Red Deer, Alberta Canada, a city of about 80,000 people now.  I started at the age of 16 working in an accounting firm and continued on from there to get my diploma from the local college and then later my degree majoring in information technology and accounting.  I worked for one of the big 5 accounting firms right out of high school.  I was never really an athlete in school, played volleyball and basketball but I never really took much of an interest in it.  When I turned 18 I started going to a local gym, just learned the basics and that was about it.

At the age of 25, I was offered an opportunity that I couldn't pass up and that was to work down in the Cayman Islands as an accountant.  So with not knowing a soul I packed my bags and headed to the Caribbean.  Within a few months of living there the Island put on a bodybuilding show by the INBF (International Natural BodyBuilding Federation) and I was in awe of the bodies that stood on that stage that night, and thought to myself "I can do that".  So without knowing anything I trained and dieted for 4 months with the help of a friend from back home, entered the competition, placed 3rd and FELL IN LOVE!

From that point on I started taking training seriously, I was always dedicated and committed to my diet so it was never an issue there.  For that next year I trained, put on a bit more size and entered my second show, the Caribbean Grand Prix, and won my WNBF Figure Pro card.  About a month after my win I decided to head back to Canada and there I met my business partner.  Mathew Park and I now own the INBF here in Canada, we put on drug tested shows currently in western Canada for bodybuilding, figure and best body swimsuit model.

Since my move back home I have continued to compete in the United States but now mostly in Best Body swimsuit competitions which are in part of the INBF/WNBF.  I have recently claimed the title of Best Body Champion at the NE Classic held in Mass.  Since making the switch to the Best Body division I have had many opportunities to shoot with a number of different photographers, been in numerous magazines (also making the cover of the Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness magazine for North American and Italy) and have just signed with Maximum Human Performance supplements as their first Canadian female to join their team (there are 2 news articles here

Muscle and Strength: Your life on stage, and off stage has really changed over the last 3 years. What's on tap for you in 2010? Are you going to focus more on the modeling? And will you be competing?

Nadine Dumas: It definitely has, the opportunities that have came my way have been amazing and a true blessing, especially over this past year.  I will be taking the stage in 2010 again, I have one more competition left this year which is the WNBF Worlds that will be held in NYC Nov 14th and from there I will be deciding on what shows I will be doing for '10.  My focus will definitely be more on the modeling side but competing in Best Body Bikini only helps enhance that side of the career.  Since being sponsored by Maximum Human Performance supplements I have had more opportunities to get my face out in the industry from their advertising, so I am also looking forward to the opportunities that come my way from that end as well.

Nadine Dumas Swimsuit Model

Muscle and Strength: I've heard that you have a fear of public speaking. Which is easier for you...speaking in public, stepping on stage for competition, or doing a photo shoot?

Nadine Dumas: Speaking in public is definitely the hardest of the 3 for me, I'm working on it but just not the easiest.

As far as stepping on stage, it all comes down to that one moment and that is the only chance that you have to make that impression, so you have to nail it.  My nerves never get to me until I am standing behind the curtain ready to walk out.  You start thinking about the 3 months you spent preparing, if your suit is glued down enough to you butt, you worry about slipping, if your hair is just right and if you remembered to put your lipstick on before you stood in line.

I would have to say doing a photo shoot is the easiest, now a days with digital photography if the picture is captured and a little tweak needs to be made you can look at the screen, find out what needs to be changed and change your position, facial expression etc.  So it’s easy to capture that look that a magazine or ad is looking for.

Muscle and Strength: Which is easiest for you, working out and gaining muscle, or dieting and cutting fat?

Nadine Dumas: I would have to say dieting and cutting fat, dieting is probably the easiest for me.  I have one of the best nutritionists in the industry Dr Joe Klemczewski (The Diet Doc) who I have worked with for my last 3 shows and the results that I have seen since working with him are phenomenal.  Dr Joe has been able to help me learn how to diet for shows by never depleting the body of water, using diuretics or dropping your fact, you wouldn't believe what my Peak Week looks like.  Along with having Joe look over my diet I am able to lower my body fat by also maintaining muscle and keeping me healthy.

Muscle and Strength: Tell me about your training...How often do you train, and is it a bodybuilding style split?

Nadine Dumas Training SplitNadine Dumas: I'm an ectomorph, so very tall, long and lean which makes me a "hard gainer".  Right now I train 5 days a week, and yes, mostly I incorporate a split hitting one body part and make sure that I hit the legs twice every 8 days.  Cardio is always different though, I'll use the rowing machine, box, hit the stepmill or do interval sprints on the treadmill.

Muscle and Strength: How do you train your legs? Detail your leg workout. I have to ask this question because every woman reading this article would love to have your legs.

Nadine Dumas: Well thank you!  I make sure I hit legs twice in 8 days, usually a heavier day and then a higher intensity day.  A lot of squats and lunges.  I would have to say it is my weakest area so I have to work really hard at it, like most women, we tend to carry in the lower section so anything that involves glute and hamstring work I make sure I incorporate into my leg training days.  As for cardio, I try to stick to the step-mill, I'm sure I curse my trainer everyday when I'm on it but it pays off!

Muscle and Strength: I was reading on your bio that you love protein pancakes. Tell us your secret recipe....

Nadine Dumas: I live for my protein pancakes!

Depending on if I'm in my off-season or not usually depends on how creative I get.

During the season I stick to the main ingredients which are oats, egg whites and MHP Probolic protein powder, cinnamon and vanilla extract.  From there, in my off season I add anything from coconut, apple sauce, carrots, raisins, nuts, cottage cheese.

Once oats are ground it creates a powder just like flour used in pancakes, but like we all know in the fitness industry, white processed flour is horrible for you.  Mix any of the above ingredients in and cook them like a pancake.  To add in my fats, there again it depends on if I'm in my off season or not but I tend to go for all natural organic peanut butter, flax oil or Udo's oil with a bit of sugar free syrup.

Plain and simple and gets you through the days of hating the usual oatmeal and egg whites!

Muscle and Strength: What is your take on drug use in the female bodybuilding realm? Do you know if the women are using steroids and other physique altering drugs as heavily as the men?

Nadine Dumas: Well, because I co-own a drug free bodybuilding federation here in Canada, my take on drug use in this industry is pretty self explanatory and the concept around INBF Canada is "Prove Yourself." which basically means just that, prove that you can take your body to that next level without resorting to drugs.  The industry now these days is starting to lean towards more of a feminine look and I think that helps promote the natural industry and gives females a chance to break into the industry and areas that they hadn't been able to in the past.  Of course the option to use drugs will always be there but I'm glad more opportunities have been put out there to give females the choice and with INBF Canada we work to educate athletes on how to achieve those desired goals.

Muscle and Strength: You mentioned that you recently signed with Maximum Human Performance supplements...can you tell us a bit more about this, and how you will be working with them?

Nadine Dumas: Yes, I have been approached with a great opportunity to work with MHP and be the representative for Canada.  It was a great honor to know that I have been the first female Canadian chosen to work with MHP.  My role is to get MHP out more in Canada, promote and inform people about their products.  I will be making appearances all throughout the year for them in the Alberta region and as well, I have been given the opportunity to travel down to Las Vegas to the Olympia to represent their product at the expo.

Muscle and Strength: What are your goals for 2010?

Nadine Dumas: As for 2010, I will definitely be hitting the stage!  Haven't looked into any shows yet as I wanted to get through the rest of my year this year.  I will be taking the stage this November in New York City for the INBF/WNBF Worlds Best Body and from there I will decide which shows I will be doing after that.

Nadine Dumas MHP

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