IFBB Physique Pro Jason Poston's Ultimate Bicep Finisher

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April 7th, 2016
Updated: October 27th, 2021
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Need a way to finish off your arm workouts? Jason Poston shares his ultimate bicep finisher. Don't have an arm day routine? We've got you covered.

Muscle & Strength recently flew down to Texas and teamed up with ProSupps to film some of IFBB Pro Jason Poston’s workouts.

In this initial video, we bring you Jason’s number one tip for finishing off biceps.

Jason’s ultimate bicep finisher is an open faced curl that he personally uses and has recommended to clients for over a decade now.

Keeping your palms open, grasp the top of a dumbbell. Curl the dumbbell without using the forearms and really focus on stretching the bicep on the way down while contracting the bicep on the way up. This really hits the inside of your bicep. Jason prefers high reps keeping the count at about 10-15.

For those who may not know, a finisher is used at the end of a workout to ensure that you leave the gym with nothing left in the tank for the targeted muscle group. Listening to Jason talk about his bicep finisher got us to thinking about all the great arm workouts on Muscle & Strength this finisher could be applied to.

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Need An Arm Day Routine?

Obviously you should never skip leg day, but building arms your shirt sleeves hug is every lifter’s initial dream.

For optimal muscle growth in the arms, it is just as important to hit the triceps as the biceps.

Below is a list of the top 5 arm day workouts on Muscle & Strength. Give them a shot and don’t forget to add Jason Poston’s killer finisher to them.

5. Cory Gregory’s 4 Intense Arm Bursting Workouts

Why kick off this list with a single workout routine when we can bring you four? Full of supersets and circuits, Cory G brings 4 different arm day strategies to the table in this article. The workouts all vary, but incorporate a mixture of volume and intensity in each workout.

From German volume training to the 28 method, these workouts will have you walking down the street with #flexFriday confidence. Feel free to add Jason’s finisher to any of these workouts.

Full Workout Here!

4. The Arm Building Circuits

Bicep Finisher PReacher Curl

This workout focuses on circuit training. Circuit training is generally used to premote fat loss by increasing the tempo of workouts. However, in this instance it will be used to attack your arm muscles from different angles so you look swole in your tshirts. On days you train arms, you will run through these two circuits twice each. With no rest in between exercises, you will be going back and forth from bicep to tricep lifts.

Depending on how you time things, you might have a pump before your preworkout even kicks in! And with three more circuits to follow, your arms will have no choice to grow! Finish up with Jason’s finisher to really get your arms defined.

Full Workout Here!

3. The Big Arm Routine

Bicep Finisher Tricep Pushdown

This is the perfect workout to add Jason’s finisher to. This workout has less of a variety of lifts within it, but that by no means affects its effectiveness.

The workout has two exercises for biceps and three tricep lifts, with 6 sets each. The first 5 sets have 8 reps to really focus on promoting size. Finally, each lift has a set of 20 to add in some muscular endurance and definition. Jason’s finisher will target another area of the bicep in this workout for a fuller look!

Full Workout Here!

2. Big Arms Fast: 4 Week Specialization Workout

Bicep Finisher Hammer Curls

With summer right around the corner, we have no time to waste in transforming those water pistols into full fledge bazookas. This workout lays out a 4-week program, with each week having two arm days. As the weeks progress, the workouts get tougher.

With a combination of lifts that hit the biceps and triceps from every angle, this program will produce results! Add in Jason’s finisher and really reap the benefits.

Full Workout Here!

1. 5 Effective Biceps Workout Routines: Beginner to Advanced

Bicep Finisher Beginner to Advanced

As we started the list, we will end it with an article providing multiple workouts. This article is great, because it provides bicep workouts for any level of fitness and provides gradual programming for those who are beginners. Unfortunately, unlike all of the other workouts, this workout focuses solely on biceps.

However, in each of the given workouts, Jason’s finisher can be applied for a great pump and will assist in promoting results!

Full Workout Here!

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