Off-Season Grocery Shopping with 300lb Pro Bodybuilder Juan Morel

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August 25th, 2016
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Ever wonder what a 300lb offseason pro bodybuilder's shopping cart looks like? We followed Beast athlete Juan Morel on his weekly shopping trip to find out!

Ever wonder what a 300lb offseason pro bodybuilder's shopping cart looks like at the grocery store?

We followed Beast Nutrition Athlete Juan Morel through a typical Thursday afternoon grocery store visit to see what exactly this monster eats.

What we found out is it takes a lot to feed a beast. So much so that Juan actually visits two different grocery stores every Thursday to purchase his food for the week.

Every Thursday, after his workout, Juan goes grocery shopping for food with his wife and baby. The first stop on their grocery store journey is at Costco.

Precontest, Juan buys a lot more stuff to cook in preparation for his week. However, in the offseason he buys less because he doesn’t cook as much. For instance, during preparation for a show Juan will buy 10lbs of chicken breast every week, but in the offseason he buys it every other week.

While Juan doesn’t need any chicken this week, he continues to knock on the glass window of the butchery at Costco. Since Juan is a regular, they already know exactly what he needs. Moments later, they bring Juan out about 9.9lbs of 88% ground beef for the week!

Next up, Juan grabs some turkey bacon that he eats both morning and night. He even eats it on prep until the last night before the show, claiming that the body needs sodium to keep the muscles hydrated. Another food item Juan eats both morning and night is eggs. He often switches up between egg whites and whole eggs depending on how he feels and what other meals he has planned for that day.

Juan also picks up a case of water. Despite the fact that Juan doesn’t enjoy drinking water, he still tries to drink more of it daily even if that means adding in a massive amount of Crystal Light. Before checking out at Costco, Juan always swings by the movie section to see what new movies are out. If there’s a new one he doesn’t already own, he will throw it in his cart to add to his movie collection.

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After finishing up at Costco, Juan and his family head to ShopRite for the rest of his groceries. After entering the store, Juan heads straight to the butcher to put in his order so he can do the rest of his shopping while they prepare it.

Juan switches between 5lbs of top round sirloin and filet mignon from week to week. After placing the order, Juan heads down the cereal aisle. He grabs a box of Captain Crunch and Cornflakes. Juan soaks his boxes of cereal in 4 boxes of almond milk throughout the week.

Juan also picks up some Cream of Rice to eat. While he still eats oats from time to time, he really enjoys the taste of cream of rice and feels like he is able to digest it faster than other carb sources. Juan also picks up a flavor of Oreos that he hasn’t tried, because he likes cookies.

Juan’s been drinking a lot of cappuccino lately, so he picks up various flavors of creamers to replace the milk as the foamy portion of the beverage.

Finally, Juan grabs the filet mignon and wraps up his weekly grocery shopping.

To sum up the trip to the two stores, Juan leaves with the following for the week:

9.9lbs of 88% ground beef. (~22P/0C/12F per serving)
4PKGs of turkey bacon. (~2P/0C/2.5F per slice)
5 total 18 egg cartons. (~6P/.5C/5F per whole egg)
1 crate of bottled water. (~0P/0C/0F per bottle)
5lbs of filet mignon. (~25P/0C/5.9F per serving)
1 box of Captain Crunch. (~1P/25C/1F per serving)
4 cartons of unsweetened almond milk. (~1P/1C/2.5F per cup)
1 box of Corn Flakes. (~2.2P/24C/.3F per serving)
2 boxes of Cream of Rice. (~3P/26C/0F per serving)
1 pk of Oreos. (~2P/25C/7F per 3 cookies)
Flavored coffee creamers. (~0P/5C/1.5F per tbsp.)

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So, how much does a 300lb pro bodybuilder eat in a week? A lot! Approximately 4 times the recommended dietary amounts for the average human male. Just looking at the breakdown, you can see Juan works with a ton of macros.

Stay tuned next month to see a full day of off-season eating with Juan Morel!