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Boost Your Fat Loss with Strongman Training
Strongman training isn't just for competitive athletes. Here's why this unique training method can help you shred body fat and get you in the best shape ever.
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Losing Fat: What It Takes To Look Your Best
Lose fat, look great. Learn how to maximize calorie intake, high and low intensity cardio and training to shed fat, save time and get shredded.
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Coconut Cardio: An Early Morning Strategy to Get Super Shredded
Need a new and effective approach to your morning cardio? Check out Coach Dustin Myers' coconut cardio and get on the fast track to a shredded six pack!
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CrossFit Embraces The Paleo Diet, Should You?
Eat like a caveman. What is the Paleo diet, why has the CrossFit community embraced it, and is it a new and revolutionary way to eat healthy?
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4 Strategies for Dealing with Stress for Better Fat Loss
A high stress lifestyle can ruin your fat loss goals. Read this article to learn how stress affects fat loss as well as 4 strategies to deal with stress.
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Maximize Nutrition, Reach Your Fat Loss Goals
Don't just eat - eat right! Learn how to optimize protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and even your water intake to maximize fat loss and health.
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Does Using Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat Work?
Get rid of your stubborn belly fat once and for all by using the proper combination of diet, cardio and resistance training. A three step diet plan is included.
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Step by Step Guide to Building a Fat Loss Diet
Spring is here and if you want to look lean at the beach, it's time to start your fat loss diet. Here are some of the most important tips to consider.
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Reduce Fat Gain Or Improve Fat Loss
It's time to simplify your diet. This article contains 3 tips that can help you reduce the amount of calories you are eating, and make it easier to maintain weight or lose fat.
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7 Articles to Help You Get Ripped This Summer
Actually achieve your fat loss goals this year by learning about each individual element of fat loss with this curated list of Muscle & Strength articles!
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Calories In Calories Out And Deficit Dieting
Fat loss guru Tom Venuto presents his number one fat loss tip to help you reach your weight loss goals: exercise, but most importantly focus on achieving a calorie deficit.
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Intermittent Fasting: 3 Basic Mistakes Made By Beginners
Don't fear the catabolic state. Hunger is not the enemy. Fitness model Jeremy Scott provides you with three basic intermittent fasting mistakes often made by beginners.
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Fat Gain Nonsense: 8 Diet And Weight Loss Myths Debunked
Does eating at night make you fat? Do you need a cheat day? Is fruit bad? Do calories in fiber count? Find out the answers to 8 common diet and weight loss myths.
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5 Cardio Pairings for Insane Calorie Burning
Ramp up your fat-burning and cardiovascular conditioning with these 5 intense cardio pairings. With such a diverse list, there's a cardio circuit for everyone!
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Shirtless man doing a close grip push up
Staying lean and building muscle doesn't have to involve eating foods you hate and depriving your life of all fun. Learn how to look your best and enjoy the process.
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The Right Type Of Cardio For Pre And Post Workout
Should you perform cardio pre or post-workout? Which form is best for your goals? Learn how to combine cardio with lifting to maximize muscle and strength gains.
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Do You Have To “Suffer” While Dieting?
When it comes to fat loss, do you have to deprive yourself of everything you crave? Chris and Eric Martinez say no. Find out why they don't believe in "dieting suffering."
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Can Exercise Make Bad Fat Into Good Fat?
Did you know that your body has two different kinds of fat? Learn how an active lifestyle can reduce or minimize the amount of "bad" white fat you have in your body.
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Cheat Meal vs. A Structured Refeed
Take a detailed look at the pros and cons of planned refeeding and cheat meals (yes, there is a difference), and decide which is better for your physique and fat loss goals.
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How To Optimize Caffeine Intake & Timing For Fat Loss
Does caffeine really help your fat burning efforts, and if so, when and how much should be taken? Fine tune your caffeine intake and bolster your fat loss efforts.
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Fat Loss Motivation: 9 Tips To Keep You On Track
This article presents motivational tips to help you stay on track and reach your fat loss goals. Consider them a roadmap that leads you to the dream body you want.
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9 Diet Plateau Hacks: Get Back On The Road To Lean
It's time to get lean. Get your diet moving full steam ahead and reach your fat loss goals with these nine tips and eating plan tweaks from bodybuilder Brad Borland.
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7 Awesome Tips For Burning The Fat!
So you've been muscle building, eating big and making gains. Great. Now it's time to get ripped and strip off those extra fat layers you've inherited!
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The Truth About Counting Food Calories
Do you really need to record everything you eat to lose weight? Can you eat "anything" and still shed the fat? These questions answered.
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Don't Get Fat! 25 Nutrition & Exercise Tips
There's no need to put on unnecessary fat this holidays! This article contains 25 easy nutrition and exercise tips you can implement to make sure you don't put on any unwanted gains!
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The Sadness of Dieting Deprivation
Your body is not an enemy that needs to be starved into submission to give up fat. A look at deprivation diets and explains how they are really bad for your health.
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The Hormone That Keeps Us Fat!
Ever wondered why you get to a certain level of body fat and no matter what you do, you just can't lose any more weight? This article explains why!
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Complete Guide To Supramaximal Interval Training (S.M.I.T.)
Learn the difference between two highly-effective interval training methods, get answers to some FAQs, and set-up your own interval training program.
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Working Out And Good Nutrition: More Than A Weight Loss Battle
Maritza Rodriguez explores the many ways that working out and eating right benefit the body, mind and soul. Get ready for better sleep, better sex, and a better outlook on life!
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Chiseled 6-Pack Abs Workout Routine and Diet
Shed fat and show off your chiseled abs with the help of this easy-to-follow diet and training plan!
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