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8 Exercises That Will Help You Get Ripped
So, you want to get ripped! You have a nutrition plan for fat loss; and your supplement regimen all set. But how do you train for fat loss? Find out...
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Eating Clean: Are You Cheating On Your Abs?
Stop wasting your time and finally get those elusive six pack abs you are after by cutting back on sugar intake, high frequency cheat meals and processed foods.
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Training Talk: Should You Do HIIT or LISS Cardio?
Should you be performing HIIT or LISS cardio? Which one works better for burning fat? Join the discussion in this month's edition of Training Talk!
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3 Simple Strategies to Get Leaner Without Lifting
You don't always need to hit the weights to get leaner. Try implementing these 3 simple strategies and lose weight without stepping foot in the gym!
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100 Fat Loss Tips
Losing weight doesn't have to be a mystery. The following fat loss tips provide practical, real world advice that will help you get on track today.
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Shirtless man holding jump rope
Unchain yourself from the boring treadmill and inject some fun into your calorie burning regimen with these 4 cardio suggestions from bodybuilder Brad Borland.
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Impact Of Cheating On Fat Loss
Look your best, lose fat and keep your metabolism stoked by leaning how to plan your time, daily calorie intake and your refeeds and cheat meals.
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Fit Woman Front Squatting Barbell
If you've been doing the same old tired cardio day in and day out, it may be time to ditch the cardio deck. Check out these 4 cardio routines using weights!
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Six pack abs
Sugar, saturated fats, red meat, cheese and milk...are these foods hindering your effort to get six pack abs? Find out what to eat to get shredded.
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Cardio and Fat Loss
Are you grinding out hours of cardio without seeing weight loss results? Tom Venuto presents the facts behind fat loss, cardio and calorie intake.
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Appetite Control: How To Eat Less Or Eat More
Always hungry? Or perhaps you can't seem to eat enough? This guide provides information and tips on how to control your appetite and reach your goal weight.
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5 Nutrition Tips for Fat Loss (by an Ex-Obese Writer)
There's loads of nutrition advice for fat loss out there on the internet. In this article, however, we bring you tips from someone who's used them himself!
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5 Lifestyle Hacks for a Shredded Physique
If you want to get shredded, you're going to need to implement these lifestyle hacks into your life. Read on to learn what you need to do to get leaner!
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How to Maintain Performance in a Calorie Deficit
Maintaining a high level of performance during your workouts while in a calorie deficit can be tough. Use these tips to make it a bit easier for yourself.
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Food Proximity, Temptation And Fat Loss
It sounds obvious to say avoid food, but from a scientific standpoint avoidance goes a long way in helping to control weight gain - perhaps 12 pounds a year, or more.
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What Happens to Fat When You Lose Weight?
Ever wonder what really happens to fat during your fat loss phases? Read this article to learn more about the science behind fat loss and what happens!
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How to Combat Adaptive Thrermogenesis During Fat Loss
Adaptive thermogenesis is one of your body's natural reactions during fat loss phases. Learn a few techniques to counter it by reading the following article.
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Did You Inherit Fat Genes? The Truth About Biology & Body Fat
Are you a prisoner of genetics, or do you stand a fighting chance to lose fat? Tom Venuto discusses the 3 body types and what you can do to combat "limitations."
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Diet or Exercise: Which is Most Important for Fat Loss?
If you had to choose one way to achieve fat loss would it be through your diet or through your exercise? Let's discuss which is more important.
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11 Tips To Help Your Diet While Traveling
Are you a die hard road warrior who struggles to eat right while traveling? Learn how to travel and keep your eating plan intact with these 11 tips from Regie Simmons.
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The Truth About Sweating And Fat Loss
Heading to the gym to sweat off a few pounds? Find out just how effective of a fat burner sweating is, and how good it is for releasing toxins and cleansing your body.
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African American muscular man wearing an orange tank top doing cardio on the treadmill
In this article you'll learn what the research shows regarding fasted cardio and fat loss loss. Hint: it could be a useful tool to help you reach your goals.
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9 Fat Loss Myths You Might Be Wasting Your Time With
Some fat loss myths never seem to die. While they might not slow down your efforts, these myths can still waste your time. Maximize fat loss by avoiding these 9 myths.
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How To Set Up A Fat Loss Diet Plan
Ready to drop a few pounds? This article contains a 7 step process that will help set up an eating plan and cardio approach to maximize fat loss and body composition.
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The Truth About Eating At Night & Fat Loss
Fat loss expert Tom Venuto analyzes the impact of late night carb consumption, and discusses why the concept of energy balance over a 24 hour period might be flawed.
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Does HIIT Or Steady State Cardio Burn More Fat?
Is HIIT cardio really 9 times more effective at burning fat than steady state cardio? Absolutely not. This article takes a deeper look into the science behind the debate.
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13 Diet Hacks To Help You Reach Your Fat Loss Goals
Stay on track and reach your fat loss goals faster with these 13 proven diet and weight loss hacks. Learn to fight off cravings & maximize your protein, carb and fat intake.
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Can Women Lose Weight Without Exercise?
Can you lose weight without exercise? Yes. Will you look your best? No. Find out how to maximize your calorie intake and weekly exercise to get the body you want.
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Supplements That Boost Metabolism & Help Burn Fat
This guide provides you with research-backed supplement ingredients and compounds that can have a positive impact on increasing your metabolism and burning fat.
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Complete Keto Diet Guide
Takes an inside look at the low-carb ketogenic diet, and it's 3 variations: standard, cyclical and targeted keto dieting. Guide includes sample eating plans and recipes.
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22 Ways To Stay Lean This School Year
Forget the freshman 15 and the sophomore 20, it's time to get jacked! Bodybuilder Brad Borland presents 22 tips to help you stay lean and build muscle this school year.
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7 Awesome Tips For Burning The Fat!
So you've been muscle building, eating big and making gains. Great. Now it's time to get ripped and strip off those extra fat layers you've inherited!
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Building The Perfect Fat Burning Circuit
Brad Borland presents a 5 element template that enables you to build your own effective fat blasting circuit workout. Benefits and example circuit workouts included.
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The Truth About Counting Food Calories
Do you really need to record everything you eat to lose weight? Can you eat "anything" and still shed the fat? These questions answered.
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Don't Get Fat! 25 Nutrition & Exercise Tips
There's no need to put on unnecessary fat this holidays! This article contains 25 easy nutrition and exercise tips you can implement to make sure you don't put on any unwanted gains!
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The Sadness of Dieting Deprivation
Your body is not an enemy that needs to be starved into submission to give up fat. A look at deprivation diets and explains how they are really bad for your health.
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The Hormone That Keeps Us Fat!
Ever wondered why you get to a certain level of body fat and no matter what you do, you just can't lose any more weight? This article explains why!
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Complete Guide To Supramaximal Interval Training (S.M.I.T.)
Learn the difference between two highly-effective interval training methods, get answers to some FAQs, and set-up your own interval training program.
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Working Out And Good Nutrition: More Than A Weight Loss Battle
Maritza Rodriguez explores the many ways that working out and eating right benefit the body, mind and soul. Get ready for better sleep, better sex, and a better outlook on life!
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Chiseled 6-Pack Abs Workout Routine and Diet
Shed fat and show off your chiseled abs with the help of this easy-to-follow diet and training plan!
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Top 10 Fat Burning Foods
Tom Venuto presents you with 40 fat-fighting foods. These fruits, veggies, proteins and grains that will help you become, or remain leaner. Eat the foods to reach your goals!
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Should You Count Calories For Weight Loss?
Should you count calories, count fat grams, and count protein for fat loss? Should you use portions sizes? Learn how to lose weight and stay sane!
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11 Reasons You Can't Lose Fat
If you're just searching for fat loss secrets, you might be missing out on the answers. Are you doing any of these 11 things that sabotage your results?
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How To Maximize Your Fat Loss Supplement!
Learn how to maximize your fat loss supplement with these tips. Reach your fat loss goals faster by eating and training smarter.
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Get Shredded By Summer: Resources To Get Ripped
You've paid your dues, put on a few pounds and packed on the muscle. Now it's time to shed the fat fast and get ripped for Summer!
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6 Things About Fat Loss You Don't Want to Hear
Looking to get shredded? There's probably a few things you need to hear before you get started...
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Eliminate These 5 Fat Loss Mistakes!
Arnav Sarkar provides an awesome fat loss workout and details 5 tips that will help you drop the pounds and get in shape.
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Every Lifter's Nightmare: How Do I Avoid Being Skinny Fat?
When you're cutting, you want to look lean and shredded. See if you're at risk for winding up "skinny fat" instead and learn what to do to prevent it.
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The 3 Keys To Fat Loss
Fine tune your nutrition and exercise to maximize fat loss. This fat loss guide provides a wealth of information and tips to help you reach your goals.
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8 Ways to Stay Lean – All Year Round
Missing your summer body? Make that lean physique a year-round staple with these tips to stay shredded for the long term.
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