12 Gym Bag Essentials with Calum Von Moger

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August 13th, 2015
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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3x Mr. Universe & Cellucor-sponsored athlete Calum Von Moger shares what items he thinks are essential to every lifter's gym bag.

It's absolutely important to be ready to face anything that the gym life throws at you, which is why you have to always make sure you're carrying around the right tools for the job, in your gym bag.

Recently, we had a chance to ask Mr. Universe and self-proclaimed "King of the Chapsticks" Calum Von Moger what was in his gym bag, and these are his 12 essential items:

1. Shaker Bottle

This is a no-brainer. If there's anything you should always have on your person, it's a shaker bottle.

Protein, BCAAs, Pre-Workout, the list is endless. Even if/when you're not supplementing, shakers hold water and water is your best friend.

2. BCAAs

These are crucial to the muscle-growth process since they help prevent muscle breakdown, reduce muscle soreness, and helps promote performance. 

Calum keeps a bottle of Cellucor Alpha Aminos 4th Gen in his bag to take during his workout. 

3. Sweater

Sleveless if possible. Like Calum states, "it has to have no sleeves on it so that you can always show off the guns. That's essential, especially after a workout on arm day."

Really though, it's always nice to carry an extra sweater in your bag, especially during the colder months of the year.

4. Wrist Wraps

Perfect for wrist support on chest or arm day, a pair of wrist wraps come in handy (or wrist-y...) to provide you with extra stability while attempting some heavier lifts. 

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5. Pre-Workout

How are you planning to take your workout to the next level if you don't have some pre-workout with you, ready to go at any time?

This is definitely an essential to keep in your gym bag along with the aforementioned shaker. Calum keeps a bottle of Cellucor C4 4th Gen in his bag.

6. Banana

Just like you should plan things for before and during your workout, you should have a plan for a post-workout snack.

Calum's favorite is a plain banana since it's got fast-digesting carbs and fructose to replace sugars lost during the workout.

Bonus: bananas come in their own container that makes them even more convenient, so why wouldn't you keep one in your bag?

7. Lifting Belt

Perfect for leg day or back day, a lifting belt offers great support for heavy lifts like squats.

Belts come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes, so there's plenty for you to choose from...or if you're like Calum you can fib your way into acquiring one (don't do this, Calum's the only one who can get away with this).

8. Extra Shorts

Fresh gym shorts for after your workout are crucial, especially if you sweat through your clothes as if they were made our of paper.

Throw a dry pair of shorts in your bag and avoid getting weird looks from people who don't understand the lifestyle.

9. Deodorant

Just because you can't smell yourself at the gym...doesn't mean that other people can't.

Make it a habit to smell good at all times because nothing ruins a workout faster than gaving to smell someone else's BO.

10. Headphones/iPod

Tune the world out and tune into your workout.

Having headphones on also serves to stop people from distracting you since you look even more focused on your workout, according to Calum. 

It's never a bad idea to keep these items in your bag since you never know when the gym is going to decide to play something you don't like, and that too can ruin a workout...

11. Lifting Straps

Get a grip!

A pair of lifting straps are extra useful for people whose grip is weak, and since grip strength is vital to lifting heavy...they're essential.

Since these also come in different colors, fabric, and styles, you can always find a good selection of lifting straps to fit your wants and needs.

12. Protein Bar

The last essential item in Calum's gym bag is a good old-fashioned protein bar to curb his cravings in a healthy way. Again, this is one of those items that you'll never know when you're going to need so it's always good to carry one around.

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What essential items are in your bag? Leave us a comment below and let us know what crucial items are a gym-must for you!

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Nigel Moyer
Posted on: Sun, 06/25/2017 - 17:59

What brand was the belt that Calum showed in the video?