Actually achieve your fat loss goals this year by learning about each individual element of fat loss with this curated list of Muscle & Strength articles!

Summer is officially here.

And if you’re looking to utilize this warmer weather and longer days to get absolutely shredded, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing all the right things.

And while covering all the things you need to know about fat loss in one single article would be unrealistic (and too long for anyone to want to read in one sitting), we can at least point you in the right direction.

So, I’ve put together a short list on some of the best fat loss articles on Muscle & Strength.

These articles will cover various topics – from diet and nutrition, sleep and recovery, all the way through which workout might be your best option.

Read through all of these articles over the next couple of days or so, and set up your summer shredding plan the right way.

And if you need help along the way, don’t hesitate to revisit this article to ensure you’re on the right track.

1. The 8 Week Body Fat Blaster Workout

Let’s get right to the point of this article. While some of you may read on to learn more about the different challenges you’ll face when trying to shred body fat, most of you simply want a fat loss workout to do.

I understand that, so I’ve listed one of our more effective fat loss plans as the first article to read on this list. However, I hope after you’ve finished reading about the Body Fat Blaster Workout and downloaded the PDF, you’ll return to this article to learn more about the other elements of fat loss.

The Body Fat Blaster workout was designed to incorporate compound movements to maximize the amount of muscles used during each workout. The tempo of the workout is increased through supersets and drop sets.

The program also has a recommended amount of cardio to help you maximize your calorie expenditure to promote fat loss.

The 5 day program, if taken seriously, is a good way to kick start the fat loss process.

Get the Workout: The Body Fat Blaster 8 Week Workout

2. How to Build a Fat Loss Meal Plan

It’s no secret that diet plays a HUGE role in your fat loss efforts. Your food choices fuel your body’s working capacity and the amount of calories you take in determines whether your body will inevitably store or burn fat.

However, finding the right amount of calories for your individual needs can be tricky. And taking the extra step to figure out your macros can be especially difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

That’s where this article selection comes in handy. This article is broken down into 7 steps to help you build your own fat loss diet plan.

The author, Christine Hronec, breaks down calorie considerations, macro considerations, food choices for each macronutrient, and how to plan your daily eating schedule.

It’s a worthwhile read for anyone who’s serious about achieving fat loss.

Read Article: How To Build A Fat Loss Meal Plan

3. 6 Pack Science – A Guide to Help You Get a 6 Pack

Let’s be real for a second: Most people’s main goal when starting a shredding phase is to build 6 pack abs.

The whole discussion on the reality of obtaining a 6 pack can be a little tricky. Everyone has abdominal muscles. However, due to genetics, they can all look a bit different than the sets of abs we’re exposed to in magazines and on the internet.

That being said, you can’t show what you have unless you know what bodyfat percentage to aim for, how to train to get there, and what your diet should look like.

In this particular article, Rudy Mawer tells us everything we need to know about how to achieve our 6 pack ab goals – and his suggestions are based on sound science regarding the matter.

Read Article: 6 Pack Science - A Guide to Help You Get a 6 Pack

4. Science Tells All – Get Shredded While You Sleep

More times than not, people sacrifice sleep to “grind”. Getting adequate sleep is hard enough as it is, you shouldn’t be avoiding your bed in favor of some late night binge watching of whatever streaming service you’re using.

And science has a lot to say about how sleeping can help us get shredded. From basic things like limiting your eating window to improving performance and regulating hormones, sleep does the body good. Especially if you have fat loss goals.

In this article, Rudy Mawer breaks down how lack of sleep can lead to obesity while improving the amount of hours of ZZZs you get each night can lead you to being shredded.

He wraps up the article by providing some simple suggestions to help you improve your rest at night.

Read Article: Science Tells All - Get Shredded While You Sleep

5. The Best Cardio for Fat Loss

You’d think that an article about cardio would be higher on a fat loss listicle. There’s a lot of people out there who like to hate on cardio, and even more who tend to overdo it when they’re in a fat loss phase.

The truth of the matter is that cardio can be very beneficial when trying to up your calorie expenditure during the day. It’s also a crucial part of being a healthy and fit individual. So, regardless of whether you’re in a fat loss or bulking stage, perform some form of cardio to remain healthy.

When it comes to fat loss, picking the right form of cardio and figuring out how much you should do during the day to preserve muscle mass is critical. And this article helps answer those questions.

Read Article: The Best Cardio for Fat Loss (Science Based)

6. 4 Strategies for Dealing with Stress for Better Fat Loss

We’re nearing the end of this little listicle, and I’d be remised if I didn’t provide anything on how stress can affect fat loss.

More specifically, how stress management can promote better fat loss.

Hormones are funny. We need to create a calorie deficit and expend calories during the day to achieve fat loss. However, our bodies react to this by pumping up the cortisol which pumps our fat loss breaks.

Managing this stress hormone can increase the overall results of your fat loss efforts and this article provides several simple solutions on activities you can include in your day to relieve stress.

Read Article: 4 Strategies for Dealing with Stress for Better Fat Loss

7. 3 Simple Strategies to Get Leaner Without Lifting

To wrap up this list of articles, we’ll leave you with some lifestyle considerations.

These 3 little tweaks will help you prioritize what’s important to accomplish your goals. It’ll also help you rethink your overall health and what approaches to take to maximize your health while you accomplish this fat loss goal of yours.

Lastly, it’ll recommend a better strategy on how you source your meals. All while providing a timeline for the everyday 9-5 worker to maximize his/her fat loss efforts.

Read Article: 3 Simple Strategies to Get Leaner Without Lifting


Get to reading! Each one of these articles covers a different element of fat loss to help you maximize your results.

Give each a thorough read through and the advice listed a shot.

Apply what you learn and you will not be disappointed with your results come fall.

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