41 Things You Should Never Do At A Commercial Gym

41 Things You Should Never Do At A Commercial Gym
Yo, bro! It's time to clean up your act in the gym. These 41 tips might not help you become a better lifter, but they will help you gain respect and maybe even make a few friends.

Gym GoofballWant to make friends (or not make enemies) and keep your gym membership? The follow is a list of 41 things you should never do at a commercial gym.

1. You should never... put 20 plates on the leg press and leave them there when you are done.

2. You should never... hock a giant yellow or green lugie into the water fountain and leave it there, stuck in the drain, gagging other members.

3. You should never... go to the gym in unwashed workout clothes, smelling like a cross between a post-game NFL locker room and a sewage plant.

4. You should never... sit on a piece of equipment and talk on the phone or text. You are there to lift, not to post social updates or text your epic workout sessions.

5. You should never... walk close to someone deadlifting, squatting, overhead pressing, power cleaning, etc. They are moving heavy weight. Don't distract or disrupt them.

6. You should never... hop in and use someone else's dumbbells or piece of equipment without asking if they are done.

7. You should never... sweat all over a bench or piece of equipment and not wipe it off. No one wants to swim in your salty discharge.

8. You should never... go into stalker mode and stare at girls working out or doing cardio. They notice, bro. They notice. Don't be a creeper.

9. You should never... load up the bench press beyond your one rep max and force a random stranger to spot you - correction, perform heavy barbell rows for you - while you stroke your ego by pretending you were actually moving the bar.

10. You should never... use chewing tobacco in the gym, and walk around spitting into a can.

11. You should never... curl in the squat rack. The squat rack is sacred. That is all you need to know. Save it for people that actually squat.

12. You should never... leave your dumbbells lying around after you're done. Re-rack your weights, amigo.

13. You should never... shadow box in between sets while standing right next to someone in the middle of a set.

14. You should never... assume a bigger lifter isn't natural, and ask them "what they take."

15. You should never... walk around the gym with your lats flared. This is ILS - Imaginary Lat Syndrome, and it is not allowed.

16. You should never... adjust your junk while everyone is watching.

Gym Texting

17. You should never... perform 1/8th inch range of motion leg presses with 2,000 pounds while screaming bloody murder.

18. You should never... randomly go spot another lifter and start screaming IT'S ALL YOU BROOOOOOOOOOO!

19. You should never... correct someone's squat or deadlift form when you don't perform the lifts yourself.

20. You should never... sing loudly while wearing headphones. No one wants to hear you sing bro. No one.

21. You should never... walk up to a random stranger and tell them how to "tweak their workout" for better results.

22. You should never... wear a lifting belt while doing dumbbell tricep kickbacks or teacup laterals.

23. You should never... tell someone that deep squats are bad for their knees.

24. You should never... check your abs in the mirror between every set.

25. You should never... lift your shirt to wipe your face in between every set, so you can show everyone your abs.

26. You should never... ask a girl if she needs a spot on squats. She will let you know if she needs help, bro. She will let you know.

27. You should never... squat or deadlift on a Smith machine. It's wrong. All KINDS of wrong.

Creeper is Watching You28. You should never... try to talk to someone while they are in the middle of a set.

29. You should never... try to talk to someone that has headphones in. If they wanted to talk to you, they would take the headphones out and talk to you.

30. You should never... play the game of "1 up" and tell someone that your high school buddies squatted 700 pounds and bench pressed 400 pounds. Quarter squats and bouncing bench press reps don't count.

31. You should never... do circuit training and hog up 5 stations during peak gym times.

32. You should never... unload someone else's barbell without knowing for certain they are done.

33. You should never... put your "boys" in someone's face when spotting on the bench press.

34. You should never... scream "light weight baby" during every set.

35. You should never... do anything on a bosu ball. They do not make exercises better, they make exercises dangerous.

36. You should never... work chest, biceps and abs 6 days a week.

37. You should never... bring a bag of McDonald's into the gym and eat it on a bench before your workout.

38. You should never... perform 1,000 crunches a day, hoping that six pack abs magically appear.

39. You should never... park your bench station for an exercise right in front of the dumbbell rack so other people can't pass by and find the dumbbells they need.

40. You should never... wear clothing that makes you look like a clown.

41. You should never... wear clothing that makes you look like 10 pounds of Jello in a 5 pound bag.

Anything you would add to this list?