If you enjoy watching videos on YouTube and working out, it might be time to subscribe to some fitness YouTube channels. Check out these recommendations!

The NBA has NBA TV, NFL has the NFL Network, and all mainstream sports are covered on networks like ESPN. Wouldn’t it be cool if fitness had its own network?

It actually does, sort of. Many fitness personalities and brands have their own YouTube channels to inform, inspire, and entertain you, their followers.

The list that follows isn’t a ranking of the best overall but these are 25 channels that you should subscribe to if you haven’t already. There are other great channels out there and if you feel strongly enough about them, post your favorites in the comments section below.

1. Jay Cutler TV

The 4 time Mr. Olympia has a variety of videos coming out on a regular basis. His videos of him training both now and in his competitive days are always popular.

There are also interviews of athletes that are popular now, as well as up and comers, with Dave Bourlet, plus training tips by popular trainer, Eric BroserCheck out the channel »

2. Kris Gethin

The bodybuilder, author, podcaster, transformation specialist, and entrepreneur has a lot going on, sometimes all at once.

His unique training styles can give you some new insights to your own workouts. You can also be inspired by his podcast and other posts. Check out the channel »

3. Mutant TV

This is the channel for hardcore bodybuilding fans. The posts of recipes with Dusty Hanshaw will spice up your nutrition plan and the workouts with competitors like Johnnie Jackson, Gabe Moen, and others will fire you up to train.

One highlight of this channel is “Mutant on a Mission” with Rob Partlow, who travels around the world showcasing elite gyms and putting their equipment to the test. Check out the channel »

4. Narmin Assria

Narmin has a loyal fanbase for good reason. She’s one of the top athletes in the bikini division and has a variety of topics when it comes to her videos.

She covers hotel training, her own road back to the stage, and updates about her own life which sheds insight on an athlete’s life off the stage and outside the gym. Check out the channel »

5. Mountain Dog 1

John Meadows is one of the elite nutritionists in the game and a master of the iron. The Mountain Dog not only trains but describes the execution of each movement in expert fashion.

He also showcases other experts and answers your questions on a regular basis. His channel is clearly focused on helping his followers be at their best. Check out the channel »

6. Universal USA 77

Yes, Universal is a supplement brand and they do occasionally discuss their products but they do much more. Olympic lifting athlete Kristin Pope sheds some light on training for her sport.

Bodybuilding is covered with Chris Tuttle, as well as Jamie Collins on the bikini front. Dr. Jordan Shallow aka “The Muscle Doc” covers powerlifting and they also do a “Behind the Brand” series highlighting other members of their company. Check out the channel »

7. Shaw Strength

Yes, Brian Shaw is one of the greatest strongmen ever but this channel isn’t just about picking up heavy objects.

Shaw answers your questions, replies to comments, and there are some videos that show how life is for someone his size. Go look up the video with him looking for a suit. Check out the channel »

8. Jessica Arevalo

This lady shares a lot of training knowledge that can help both women and men.

Jessica also covers different matters like prepping, traveling, and motivation. She also does occasionally discuss her own life and opinions. Check out the channel »

9. Larry Wheels

You might know this guy for his amazing success in powerlifting but he also has his eyes on achieving pro bodybuilding status.

Larry’s videos cover his training for both, and his thoughts on meets and competitions. He’s learning as he progresses and might inspire you before you hit the gym…but you probably won’t be able to lift as much as him. Check out the channel »

10. Mike O’Hearn

Mike O’Hearn has been involved in bodybuilding and powerlifting longer than most of the people reading this have been alive.

That means he’s learned a lot and shares it with both viewers and people who join him for various workouts. He also drops knowledge in Q&A’s as well as his own vlogs. Also, if you’re into dogs, follow his channel. Check out the channel »

11. Animal

This is the channel to watch if you’re into powerlifting. The various guys and ladies showcase their feats of strength in “The Lift” or “The Cage” series.

You can also watch Animal athletes training and they have bodybuilders like Evan Centopani and Derek Lunsford who drop knowledge too. Check out the channel »

12. Ivana and Brett

Ever wondered how fit couples manage to train, diet, and compete while maintaining a balanced life? Then you need to watch Figure Pro Ivana Ivusic and new Classic Physique Pro Brett Wilkin.

You can see prep, training, and competition from both the male and female perspectives. Check out the channel »

13. CT Fletcher

ISYMFS! If you’re a CT Fletcher fan then you know what that stands for. If not, go subscribe to his channel and find out.

CT is currently rehabbing after a heart transplant but his videos are still motivating the masses and his classic videos from the past show why he’s still considered the man in the eyes of many. Check out the channel »

14. Seth Feroce

The All American Roughneck is as blue collar as it comes in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. Seth’s approach to both training and business is no BS and his fans love it.

His motivation training videos will make you run to the nearest weight room to start tearing it up. You can also learn a thing or two from his various commentaries. Check out the channel »

15. The Boston Mass

Jose Raymond has been training for over 20 years and for the last 10 has been one of the elite bodybuilders in the 212 division.

He’s currently preparing for his last Olympia and is vlogging about that, as well as sharing his opinions on comments and questions from fans. What you see is what you get with Jose and his fans really enjoy it that way. Check out the channel »

16. Nick’s Strength and Power

This is one of those channels you guys who follow old school bodybuilding would be into.

Nick Miller has done several videos educating fans of the legends from the past. He also does discuss current affairs and the stars of today’s bodybuilding scene. Check out the channel »

17. Makaveli*Motivation

This is THE motivation channel. Once you start watching their videos, you won’t know whether to go train or keep watching.

Their videos feature some of the biggest names in fitness and highlight why you’re their fans. Seeing their success combined with the presentation in the videos will never leave you short of inspiration. Check out the channel »

18. Ashley Kaltwasser

Ashley is not only one of the most popular women in the world of fitness, she’s among the most successful.

The multi-time Olympia and Arnold winner talks about workouts, her competitions, prep, and everything else fitness related. Check out the channel »

19. Chris Bumstead

Chris has taken the sport of bodybuilding and the fitness industry by storm.

The Canadian superstar takes you through his grueling workouts, shows you his life on the road, and covers his nutrition as he preps for shows like the upcoming Olympia. Check out the channel »

20. Regan Grimes

Regan has only been a pro for a couple years but has already built a big following. His YouTube channel is a big reason why.

Grimes is grinding for his debut at the Olympia in the Classic Physique division and you can follow him in the gym as well as when he travels to expos and appearances. Check out the channel »

21. BPI Sports

BPI covers several different topics on their channel. You can see profiles and videos on their athletes, learn about training styles and ingredients that are in their products.

You can also check out their podcast “The Scoop” where Chris Mackenzie and Whitney Reid discuss current topics with guests and each other. Check out the channel »

22. Dana Linn Bailey

It’s DLB! Need we say more? She’s one of the most popular athletes in the game even though she hasn’t stepped onstage for a couple years now.

Her training videos are still great to watch and she uses her platform to collaborate with other people she feels is worth following. Check out the channel »

23. Celtic Warrior Workouts

Sheamus, a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, has started filming his training both at home and while he’s on the road. This means that not only does he visit several different gyms but he also trains in a variety of ways with fellow WWE Superstars as well as expert trainers and athletes.

He’s clearly passionate about fitness and can help you improve your own lifting education. Check out the channel »

24. Redcon1

Redcon1’s channel ranges from training to life. You can see videos of training from any of their athletes like Jeremy Potvin or find out about what life is like as parents with Aaron and Darielle Singerman.

There are also posts about their products as well as discussions about current matters in the industry. Check out the channel »

25. Muscle & Strength

Of course the M&S channel is one you’re probably subscribed to already but if you’re new to the M&S community, here’s what you get. Workouts with top athletes, knowledge by world-renowned experts, and quick tips that can help you on your path to personal fitness success.

The M&S channel is definitely one you will be watching over and over again. Check out the channel »

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Wesley Vissers

Vintage Genetics

Posted on: Tue, 09/04/2018 - 21:44

Buff Dudes?! My favourite channel on YouTube

Posted on: Sun, 08/26/2018 - 17:14

Another informative podcast to check out is IronRadio.

Peter Taylor
Posted on: Wed, 08/22/2018 - 12:02

Wish musclepharm would come back from the grave lol, they used to have some pretty good stuff on their channel

Posted on: Fri, 08/17/2018 - 13:45

Scott Herman fitness is super informative. He may not be the biggest dude out there, but he sure knows his stuff.