[Video] What Strongmen Eat for Breakfast w/ Brian Shaw

In our first non-bodybuilder “What’s for Breakfast?” episode, elite strongman competitor and former World’s Strongest Man, Brian Shaw, invites us into his kitchen.

While being inducted into the Muscle & Strength Breakfast Club, Brian provides a little insight into what he eats to fuel his body in the mornings and why.

Brian Shaw’s Breakfast

The first thing he does is set everything he’s going to use out on the counter by his stove top. Then, he uses some grass-fed butter to coat his cooking pan. From here he adds in some baby spinach.

For convenience purposes, Brian utilizes two rice cookers on time-delays to ensure he has his favorite carb source ready whenever he needs it.

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Once the spinach is cooked down, he begins to crack some eggs to add to his spinach and egg scramble. Typically, he’ll use 8 whole eggs.

The next ingredient used is cheddar cheese to assist with the texture and taste of the eggs. Brian utilizes one slice and breaks it up into smaller pieces to top the eggs. From there, he simply scrambles all the ingredients together.

His biggest tip for anyone who eats a lot of eggs is to make sure you don’t overcook the eggs. Overcooked eggs tend to be dry and have an unpleasant texture when compared to eggs cooked properly.

After the eggs are done cooking, he puts them into a bowl and then adds rice from the rice cooker. His breakfast meal consists of 2-2.5 cups of rice.

For the longest time, Brian used to eat oatmeal as his breakfast carb source. The oatmeal, however, was a lot harder to digest and his body didn't seem to agree with it. Since switching to rice, he’s felt better and is able to get more food down during the day.

Brian’s Breakfast Macros - 1,001 Calories, 60g of Protein, 96g of Carbs, 39g of Fat

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