What Physique Pros Eat For Breakfast w/ Ryan Terry

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February 15th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Last year's Men's Physique Arnold Classic winner, Ryan Terry, joins the Muscle and Strength Breakfast Club in this edition of "What's for Breakfast?".

The Muscle & Strength media team recently traveled down to Florida to visit with Team USN athlete Ryan Terry.

In this video, we follow Ryan as he joins the Muscle & Strength breakfast club in this edition of “What Physique Pros Eat for Breakfast”.

Enjoy as Ryan cooks us up some breakfast and enlightens us on why he chooses to eat what he does for his first meal of the day.

Ryan Terry’s Breakfast

Ryan alternates this meal with proats (protein oats) and almonds, usually favoring this meal as a treat when he actually has the time to cook it.

For this offseason breakfast, Ryan goes with poached eggs for his protein source, avocado for his fat source, and whole wheat bread for his carb source.

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Ryan begins by filling a pot with water and placing two slices of toast on a tray in the oven. Since he still has yet to purchase a toaster for his new home, he has to toast bread the old school way.

Ryan poaches 3 whole eggs (~18-20g of protein depending on the size of the egg) for his meal. He’s not a fan of using just the egg whites, as he views throwing out the yolk as a waste of food. He boils the eggs for 3-5 minutes so the yolks are still a bit runny.

Ryan cuts the avocado in half (~10g of fat) and begins to mush it into a guacamole texture. These healthy fats help Ryan add calories to his meals in the off-season without resorting to “dirty bulking”.

Then Ryan spreads the avocado on the whole wheat toast (~30g of carbs) and tops it off with the poached eggs. The sign of a good poached egg is when you cut into the yolk and it runs off into the toast. And Ryan’s look perfect.

Ryan’s Breakfast Macros: 559 calories, 38g of carbs, 30g of fat, and 27g of protein.