[Video] Sadik Hadzovic | What It Takes to be a Physique Pro | Ep. 1

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February 20th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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We follow Men's Physique Competitor, Sadik Hadzovic, as he prepares to step on stage at the 2019 Arnold Classic. This is part 1 of a 2 part series.

We caught up with IFBB Men’s Physique Pro and GAT Sport athlete, Sadik Hadzovic, to document his lifestyle leading into the 2019 Arnold Classic.

In total, the M&S crew spent 3 whole days documenting his life just 3 weeks out from the show.

This video will give you a glimpse into the lifestyle of an elite Men’s Physique competitors.

This is what it takes to prepare for a major show in the sport of bodybuilding.

Sadik Hadzovic | What It Takes | Ep. 1

We caught up with Sadik while he was preparing his second meal of the day.

During prep, Sadik carb cycles. His version of carb cycling requires eating 50g of carbs for 3 days followed by a 1600g high carb refeed day. This strategy allows him to determine the optimal carb source to consume right before the show.

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His carb of choice is cream of rice. It’s important to test out the carb source and determine how your body reacts prior to the show so you can get a general idea of how you’ll look on stage.

“I’m in love with competing”Sadik Hadzovic

The last time Sadik competed in Men’s Physique he was 179lbs on stage. Since that show he competed in Classic, jumping up in weight, and still currently remains at 218lbs. He feels as though he has filled out in all of the right areas now that he's returning to Men's Physique.

“Leading up to a show your life goes on pause for 4 months. You’re not doing anything except eating, sleeping, training, and eating. You’re not hanging out with your family, you’re not hanging out with your friends. Everything goes on pause. So, when you’re investing a lot – there is anxiety that kicks in”Sadik Hadzovic

After eating his massive amount of cream of rice, Sadik heads to the grocery store. He admits that even though he enjoys eating clean, when it comes to prep – eating the same meals 6 times a day gets pretty old.

He likes to pick out food sources with his eyes. So, when the chicken didn’t look up to his standards, he bailed on the protein source. On this trip, he purchases frozen vegetables and microwavable rice to help create some sense of convenience.

“The last 6 years, what I learned about competing is it gets easier but it’s still tough. I struggle just like a beginner struggles.”Sadik Hadzovic

As we return to his house, he tells us that the place has been under a bit of construction. Sadik has lived in the same home for 30 years. He was born and raised in the house and is humbled by how cool it is to still be living there after all that time.

Sadik Hadzovic Performing Cardio

Family is a huge driving force in Sadik’s life. Every single thing he does, he thinks about his family.

He often reflects on his family's struggles when they immigrated to the United States – how they didn’t know the language, have any money, and how their first item of clothing was found in a trash can.

“So any time I feel like giving up… I think what the fuck is wrong with me. Everything they’ve done to give me a better life and I’m complaining about this or that? Fuck that.”Sadik Hadzovic

For these reasons, his family is not only a huge motivator but a big support system. Knowing that people love and care about you means everything in a sport that requires a lot of isolation.

The home was originally a one-story ranch. Since, Sadik added a second floor. And he admits, he went a little crazy with chandeliers – he really underestimated how much of a fan he’d be of chandeliers.

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He also introduces us to his cat, which he says “resembles a lion”.

In his kitchen, he reflects on when he started out in bodybuilding. How much easier it was to get shredded at a younger age. All while eating less nutritiously too.

The obvious answer is because it’s all about calories in vs calories out. And not only is your metabolism faster at that age, but you have a lot more time in your schedule to dedicate to the gym and your training.

The final scenes of the video show Sadik heading to the gym. Even though it’s a rest day, he still likes to go in to perform cardio and train abs.

“Every minute I’m on this motherfucking machine is another competitor that I’m passing on stage. Minute 20, I’m on 5th place. Minute 21, I climb up to 4th place. 23, 24, eventually when I hit my goal – I’m first place. That’s how I do cardio.”Sadik Hadzovic

Sadik feels his competitive nature comes from a lot of his failures.

He knows how tough it is to place second. He knows how tough it is to place third. And he never wants to be in that position again.

That’s why when he’s in the gym, in the kitchen, doing cardio – he’s always giving 120%.

“I know what it’s like to cry in a shower after a show and wash your tan off. I know what it feels like to plan an awesome week with friends and family, but you didn’t win the show. So, now everyone’s trying to cradle your feelings. Sometimes you get second in a show – you can feel second place in life… And I don’t want that kind of pain.”Sadik Hadzovic