[Video] What Brian Shaw Eats for Lunch: Cooking Bison w/ 4x World's Strongest Man

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November 30th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In our first episode of "What's for Lunch", we join 4 time World's Strongest Man Brian Shaw in his kitchen as he cooks some bison, rice, and carrots.

You’ve seen what former 4x World’s Strongest Man and team RedCon1 athlete, Brian Shaw, buys from the grocery store.

Now check out how he uses some of those ingredients to prep one of his many lunches he eats during the course of the day.

Brian Shaw follows The Vertical Diet created by Stan Efferding to maximize performance. This particular meal is deemed “monster mash”.

Of course, Brian eats 6-8 meals a day (sometimes more). So while this meal might not be called “lunch” in the traditional sense, it is the style of meal he eats around traditional lunch times.

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It consists of 12oz of bison (weighed after cooking), 3 cups of rice, 4-5 baby carrots, and chicken stock.

While cooking, Brian makes 2 packets of bison at a time – saving the left over portion for another meal later in the day. The only seasoning used on the bison is salt.

While the bison is cooking on the stove top, the rice is cooking in a rice cooker so it’s ready to go once the meat is done. Brian scoops roughly 3 cups of rice into a bowl with the bison, eventually covering the entire portion of meat with rice.

He tops the meal with 4-5 baby carrots depending on the size. And then to make the meal an easier texture to eat (based on the quantity of food), he coats it with about a cup of chicken stock.

Brian finds eating the hard part of his regimen. He requires a lot of calories to maintain his size and it becomes a chore throughout the day to get it all down.

Brian Shaw’s Lunch: 1,100 Calories, 82g of Protein, 113g of Carbs, 34g of Fat.