[Video] What Bodybuilders Eat for Lunch w/ George Peterson

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June 20th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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George Peterson invites us into his kitchen to show us one of the typical meals that he eats throughout the day. Watch the video and give it a try for yourself!

IFBB Pro, 2019 Arnold Classic Classic Champion, and Redcon1 athlete, George Peterson, invites us into his kitchen to give us a look into one of his typical daily meals.

While most bodybuilders don’t have set breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals – George would classify this as one of his typical mid-day lunchish meals.

Watch the video for a full run down on how George prepares his lunch, or check out the quick summary below for the meal breakdown:

  • • On the menu today is tilapia. George mostly eats white fish to help bring his weight down.
  • • Instead of using a high calorie and fatty cooking oil, he sprays his cooking pan with Pam.
  • • For his carb source, he opts for sweet potatoes. Still watching his weight, he’ll only have 3 ounces in this meal.
  • • George’s recommendations for alternatives to tilapia are cod, flounder, and salmon. Although, salmon is more of a fatty fish and not recommended during cutting phases.
  • • He tends to cook his sweet potatoes in bulk – baking them for about an hour in the oven and grabbing what he needs for each meal.
  • • He also always weighs his food out.
  • • For micronutrients, he adds a handful of raw spinach.

George’s Lunch Macros – 358 calories, 6g of fat, 22g of carbs, 57g of protein

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