[Video] What Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner w/ Johnnie O Jackson

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January 3rd, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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We join IFBB Pro & GASP athlete Johnnie O Jackson as he shares with us a couple of tips on how he likes to prep his potatoes and grill his steak for dinner.

In our first episode of “What’s for Dinner?”, IFBB Pro & GASP athlete Johnnie Jackson invites us into his kitchen to watch us cook.

For today’s dinner, he’s grilling steak and microwaving a potato.

Watch the video and/or read on to learn why Johnnie likes incorporating this Texan staple meal into his diet.

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Johnnie O Jackson’s Dinner

Steak and potatoes is a classic muscle building meal. And Johnnie says it’s the heart of every meal for any man in Texas.

Normally, it takes forever to bake a potato in the oven. But, Johnnie utilizes a microwave safe potato pouch for convenience sake and to cut down on the amount of time it takes to cook this carb source.

Prior to putting it in the pouch, you have to wet the potato and the inside of the bag. If you don’t use this moisture, the potato will be completely dry. Microwave the potato for 8 minutes.

During the 8 minutes the potato is microwaving, Johnnie prepares his steak. It’s roughly the perfect amount of time to ensure both are ready at the same exact time. Johnnie likes to grill his steak for 3-4 minutes on each side.

Johnnie gets most of his fats through the meat that he eats - making red meat very important in his personal diet.

Johnnie’s Dinner Macros: 697 Calories, 67g of Protein, 34g of Carbs, 32g of Fat

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Paul Stewart
Posted on: Tue, 10/08/2019 - 10:57

Steak and potatoes meal of champions!