What Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast w/ Fouad Abiad

Fouad Abiad
Written By: Fouad Abiad
February 1st, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Fouad "Hoss" Abiad joins the Muscle & Strength Breakfast Club in this edition of "What's for Breakfast?" Check out this video to see what the Pro eats!

The Muscle & Strength media team recently traveled north of the border to visit with Kaged Muscle athlete Fouad Abiad.

In this video, we follow Fouad as he joins the Muscle & Strength breakfast club in this edition of “What Bodybuilders Eat for Breakfast”.

Enjoy as Fouad cooks us up some breakfast and breaks down some nutrition tips on how to start your day on the right nutritional foot.

Fouad “Hoss” Abiad’s Breakfast

Fouad starts off by picking out all of the necessary ingredients for his breakfast. This includes egg whites, whole eggs, cheese, ketchup, and mayo.

Fouad cooks everything with cooking spray. After greasing up his pan to start cooking his eggs, Fouad reaches for his carb source.

During the offseason, Fouad typically increases his carb consumption. Today, he’s microwaving half a cup of cream of rice. Fouad finds that fiber can be a nightmare when you have to eat as much as he does, so he typically opts for cream of rice over oatmeal to speed up digestion.

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Fouad’s egg meal contains 8 egg whites and 4 full eggs. Today, he’s mixing things up with his breakfast and is making breakfast burritos. So, he lays out 3 tortillas which have 30g of carbs each. Combined with his cream of rice, Fouad expects his meal to currently be up to about 170 grams of carbs.

Fouad’s typically eats 6 meals in a day with breakfast being the highest in carbs and the lowest in protein. Even though it’s a cliché, Fouad says it is definitely true – you have to eat big to get big.

Fouad adds some unsaturated fats to his oatmeal by adding in a heaping spoon (about 1 tablespoon) of peanut butter to his cream of rice. Then, for some micronutrients and antioxidants, Fouad adds blueberries to his cream of rice.

To finish up his breakfast, Fouad adds 3 slices of cheese to his tortillas and places the egg meal on top of it. Fouad used to be a chef and notes your food has to look good to taste good as he is wrapping the burritos.

Fouad’s number 1 tip to longevity in terms of dieting? Learn how to make stuff taste good. If you’re going to eat chicken and rice, learn how to make it 8 different ways. You’re not going to want to eat the same meal for 20 years straight.

You have to have variety for your food. Keep things interesting and you’ll be successful.

Fouad’s Breakfast Macros: 1667 calories, 188g of carbs, 61g of fat, 95g of protein.