NFL Tight End Vernon Davis - Off Season Track Training

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September 22nd, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Get some training tips from one of the best tight ends to ever play football! In this video, Vernon Davis takes us down to the track for his speed training.

We recently traveled to Washington D.C. to team up with Muscletech athlete and professional football player, Vernon Davis, to bring you some of his All-Pro training secrets.

In this video, Vernon takes us down to the track to show us how he prepares for the long grind of a full football season.

And as a former champ, 2x Pro Bowler, and surefire future Hall of Famer, you’d be wise to incorporate some of these tips into your own training regimen.

Vernon’s Take on Preparing for Game Time

Vernon finds that during the offseason is the perfect time to prepare himself physically and mentally before heading into training camp. That’s why ever since he was young, he has always used the offseason as a time to be at his best.

The guys kick things off with a dynamic warmup. Warming up helps your muscle relax so you can better stretch your muscles. If you go out there and your muscles are cold, then you have a much higher chance of pulling something.

The purpose of each drill is to keep your endurance up, stay explosive, and perfect your technique as you’re running. Everyone has to have good form while running, because if you don’t, you’ll likely regress and not get better.

Heading into his 12th season of professional football, Vernon knows the importance of understanding his body. Knowing what’s too much, knowing if you need more, and making sure you use all of the proper tools it takes to sustain your high level of performance are the differences between being successful and unsuccessful.

Vernon Davis' Favorite Muscletech Stack

Vernon says there will always be moments where you feel like not doing something. But what you need to do is reach deep down inside, remember why you started, and pull out all the motivation you have within.

This tip can relate to anything, but especially to training. Remember why you started and the purpose that led you to begin your journey.

No matter what level you’ve reached, you’ve got to continue focusing on your future, your goals, and your plan.

Doing so is what it takes to continuously excel in and outside of training.