Training Fundamentals With Charles Glass - Pt. 4 Arms

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April 12th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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We met up with legendary master trainer Charles Glass & Physique Competitor Qaden Lee to get an inside look at what exercises work to build arm muscles.

Legendary master trainer and Optimum Nutrition athlete Charles Glass recently stopped by the Muscle & Strength HQ with physique competitor Qaden Lee to drop some knowledge on exercises that optimize muscle gain.

In today’s episode, Charles and Qaden give us some adjustments to three popular arm exercises to help you add size to both your triceps and biceps.

Exercise 1: Tricep Pushdown

The first exercise Charles discusses is the triceps pushdown. To get in the starting position, begin in a neutral position, with your hands prone on the top of the bar. Always make sure to keep your wrist straight.

During the motion, raise the bar up towards your forehead and push it back down towards the floor. Charles likes this movement, because it hits all the heads of the triceps.

Exercise 2: Alternating Dumbbell Curl

The next exercise Charles covers is the alternating dumbbell bicep curl. The most important thing about this exercise is focusing on not swinging the weight. You want to have full control over the contraction of the bicep with this exercise.

At the top of the exercise, continue to turn your wrist to get a full contraction of the bicep.

Exercise 3: Barbell Curl

The final bicep exercise Charles covers is the barbell curl. With this exercise, wrist positioning is extremely important as it will determine exactly how much of the forearm you incorporate into the exercise.

Another variation Charles recommends is leaning forward to do the movement. This creates slightly more tension on the biceps by targeting them from an angle.