Epic 10,000 Calorie CLEAN Eating Challenge with Sadik Hadzovic

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August 9th, 2021
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IFBB Pro, Sadik Hadzovic, attempts to eat 10,000 CLEAN calories in one day. Will he be able to consume 10k calories in 1 day? Watch the video to find out!

IFBB Pro, Sadik Hadzovic, is back! This time with an epic 10,000 calorie CLEAN eating challenge. In this video, Sadik pushes his meals to the extreme with portions and quantities that are blown out of proportion! All within a 24-hour timeframe.

Ground rules for the 10,000 Calorie Clean Eating Challenge:

  1. Challenge must be completed within 24 hours.
  2. All calories are coming from foods that are common in a bodybuilding diet plan.
  3. (Disclaimer) This is for entertainment purposes. This is not for an everyday diet.

Sadik's meals and snacks consist of:

  • Meal 1: 6 whole eggs, 12oz of 80/20 ground beef, 426g white jasmine rice (2,032 calories)
  • During workout:  Gatorade (200 calories)
  • Post-workout: Chef Physique High Protein Bar (241calories)
  • Meal 2: 12oz of NY strip steak, 518g red potatoes, 50g walnuts, 1tbsp of olive oil, ~70g of barbeque sauce (1,623 calories)
  • Meal 3: 12oz salmon, 426g jasmine white rice, 56g cashews, 1tbsp olive oil (1,768 calories)
  • Meal 4: 150g cream of rice, 50g whey protein, 60g raisins, 150g bananas, 96g peanut butter, 2tbsp honey (1,926 calories)
  • Snack: Gatorade, two Chef Physique High Protein Bars (682 calories)
  • Meal 5: 9oz 85/15 ground turkey, 426g white jasmine rice, 120g avocado, 1tbsp olive oil (1,571 calories)

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