[Video] Regan Grimes' Back Workout at the Mecca w/ Chris "Psycho" Lewis

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June 27th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Regan Grimes shows us one of his mass building back workouts with PsychoFitness21, Chris Lewis. Give the video a watch and try out the routine for yourself.

Earlier this year, we traveled out to Los Angeles, California and caught up with IFBB Pro and Primeval Labs athlete, Regan Grimes.

At the time, Regan was in full off-season mode, training at the Mecca, and working with Chris “Psycho” Lewis to put on mass with his new found plans to move up to the Open bodybuilding division.

In this video, Chris takes Regan through a back workout utilizing his Psychofitness21 methods to create a lot of time under tension on areas that need to be built on Regan’s back.

Watch the video or read on to see Regan’s offseason back workout at the Mecca and give it a shot for yourself during your next back workout.

Regan Grimes’ Back Workout

During this workout, Regan performs 5 sets of every exercise. The reps for each set will differ, but the emphasis should be put on feeling the muscle working during each repetition and having each set last for 21 total seconds.

In between sets, rest for 45 seconds before performing your next set.

Exercise Sets Reps
Sweeping Lat Pull 5 21 Secs TUT
Hammer Strength Lat Pull Down 5 21 Secs TUT
Incline Dumbbell Row 5 21 Secs TUT
Psycho Side Lat Pull 5 21 Secs TUT

1. Sweeping Lat Pull

The sweeping lat pull mimics a rear delt fly. However, you perform it lying and with a spotter holding you down to keep from moving.

This movement allows you to isolate tension on the mid back, rear delt, and trap muscles.

Regan would typically utilize a pullover for his first movement, which is felt more in the lats. However, with this workout, Chris is focusing on building upon Regan’s weaknesses from the past competitive season.

That’s why his goal is to focus starts with the upper trap area and then moves down to the lower lats.

2. Hammer Strength Lat Pull Down

Chris likes to implement a lot of additional padding to isolate specific muscle groups while training. A lot of machines standardize the range of motion, which isn’t necessarily ideal for bodybuilders who must really focus on the areas they need to target.

When setting up for the Hammer Strength Lat Pull Down, Chris does so in a way that allows Regan to pull down and back. Doing so will train Regan to the point where his lower lats are popping on stage.

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3. Incline Dumbbell Row

The incline dumbbell row provides some chest support to the row. This allows for the person using the movement to focus on using the mid back to contract and move the weight.

Chris also added an additional pad on the bench for Regan, which will allow him to bring the weight down as he rows up to hit the lower lats.

4. Psycho Side Lat Pull

The final exercise Regan performs is the Psycho Side Lat Pull. When it comes to training the back and shoulders, Chris believes in leading with the elbow. Wherever your elbow goes during the movement will dictate what part of the back is emphasized.

To get a better feel for pulling with your elbows, envision your hands as hooks. The hands serve as nothing more than hooking the weight so you can pull it with your back – leading, of course, with your elbows.

The Psycho Side Lat Pull allows you to isolate each lat separately. At the top level of bodybuilding, everyone has one side that’s bigger than the other for almost nearly every body part. Using unilateral exercises that allow you to isolate each side will help in correcting some of these imbalances.

Chris recommends Regan twist while performing this exercise, to assist in making the lats fall down to promote the lower lats growth he’s focused this entire workout around.