3 Unique Chest Fly Variations Ft. Jason Poston

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July 10th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Team Prosupps athlete and global fitness trainer, Jason Poston, shares his top three dumbbell chest fly variations. Give these a try on your next chest day!

We recently met up with Prosupps athlete Jason Poston to get a few insider training tips on building an elite physique.

Jason’s trained clients all over the globe and has an award winning physique himself.

In this video, Jason gives us 3 unique chest fly variations that you can add to your own chest day to take your chest gains to the next level.

Fly Variation 1: Overhand/Underhand

In Jason’s first fly variation, he discusses the overhand/underhand dumbbell fly. This movement is easy to perform as it follows the same plane of motion as a traditional dumbbell fly.

To perform this variation, begin by performing a fly with an underhand grip. Once you’ve reached the top portion of the movement, rotate the wrist to an overhand grip and perform the next rep.

At the top of each rep, focus on getting a good contraction and squeezing the chest. The overhand grip targets the upper chest, while the underhand grip targets the lower and mid chest.

While Jason prefers to alternate them, you can break them up into their own sets or perform them in a superset fashion.

Fly Variation 2: Around The World

The next variation Jason describes is the “Around the World” dumbbell fly. For this exercise, you want to use a light weight and focus on getting a good stretch on the chest muscle.

This exercise can be performed on either a flat or incline bench. Begin the exercise by bringing the dumbbells overhead. Then, go around the world by contracting your pinkies above your waist and your thumbs over your head.

Jason likes this variation because you’ve got two contraction points during the exercise.

Fly Variation 3: Unilateral Fly With Static Hold

The final variation Jason goes into is the unilateral fly with a static hold. This exercise greatly increases the time under tension of the chest muscle.

Begin by bringing the dumbbells overhead. Lower one arm at a time. Then, hold one dumbbell in a stretched position as you contract the chest to bring the other dumbbell back overhead.

Reverse the movement, hold the stretch on the opposite side and bring the other dumbbell overhead by contracting the opposite pec.

Give this variation a try as the perfect finisher to your next chest day.