Physique Pro Jason Poston's Chest Workout At The Mecca

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July 26th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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As soon as we landed in LA, Team Prosupps athlete Jason Poston wanted to train at the Mecca. Find out how this Jason has built his pro level physique!

Looking for a great chest workout to build bigger pecs?

Team Prosupps athlete Jason Poston has you covered.

The minute the M&S media team landed in Los Angeles, Jason was ready to take us through one of his chest days.

Check out the video to see how Jason has built his pro-level chest!

1. Dumbbell Flat Press

Jason likes to begin his workouts with a heavy movement. For chest, he goes with the dumbbell bench press.

Jason doesn’t change up his workouts too much, if he needs to alter it any, he’ll vary his hand positioning or the degree of the exercise.

After finishing his working sets, Jason still doesn’t feel he has the pump he wants. So, he performs a few extra sets using what he likes to call staggered reps. During the rep, he pauses for a second at 4 separate portions of the movement.

2. Smith Machine Incline Press

Next up for Jason is the Smith machine incline press. He doesn’t always opt for the Smith machine, but does enjoy using it because he feels it helps him isolate his chest.

Jason is still feeling his chest workout from a few days prior, but instead of bailing on the rest of his workout, he spends the rest of it utilizing a lighter load and varying techniques.

3. Side Incline Hammer Press

The next exercise Jason selects is excellent for hitting the inside of your chest. You could do it on a flat machine, but Jason is trying to target his upper chest with this workout.

As the lifts get lighter, Jason minimizes his rest periods and focuses on time under tension.

4. Dumbbell Fly and Dumbbell Floor Fly Superset

After wrapping up on the hammer press, Jason heads to the dumbbell rack for a pump-inducing superset.

Jason combines the dumbbell fly with a floor fly. Jason loves flys and the focused contraction he can get on the chest muscle while doing them.

When performing the dumbbell floor fly, Jason tries to avoid allowing the elbows to touch first.

Jason's Chest Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
1. Dumbbell Bench Press 4-6 6-8
2. Smith Machine Incline Bench Press 4 8-12
3. Side Incline Hammer Press 3 10-12
4a. Dumbbell Fly 3 10-12
4b. Floor Dumbbell Fly 3 10-12

Like the workout? Give it a shot on your next chest day and let us know how it goes!