How to Warm Up in the Gym Using an Olympic Barbell

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October 17th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Warming up is a crucial part to preventing injury and being able to accomplish your long-term goals. Get started with this Olympic barbell warm up routine.

We recently had team Dymatize athlete David Morin swing by the Muscle & Strength HQ.

Being a post-40 year old lifter, David knows a thing or two about gym-longevity.

In this video, he shows us how to warm up correctly using an Olympic barbell.

And if you want to continue to lift and grow muscle over the long-term, you should listen to his advice and warm up properly before every workout.

The Warm Up

David begins by bringing the barbell overhead into a squat position. Then he fully extends his neck muscles to warm the neck up followed by looking side to side for 10 reps.

After 10 reps, David begins to rotate the body to warm up the core.

Next up, David transitions into a quick set of barbell good mornings for 10 reps.

Following the good mornings, David performs shoulder presses behind the neck. Focus on getting a full extension and engaging the shoulder girdle.

After you’ve finished 10 reps, bring the barbell back down in front of your body. From this position, exchange the barbell between hands to warm up your forearms and hands.

After 10 reps, begin rowing the barbell as if you were on a kayak. Then, bring the barbell in front of you and perform some barbell deadlifts.

After deadlifts, transition into a high pull for 10 reps. Afterwards, plant the barbell, engage the lats, and fully extend and rotate the barbell in front of you.

From there, take a knee and perform rear lunge to shoulder press in a landmine fashion.

Flow into the next and final movement by keeping the barbell in front of you and rotating the bar with your core for 20 reps.