[Video] M&S Legends: How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder w/ Branch Warren

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August 1st, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In Branch Warren's segment on M&S Legends, Branch talks about his mentality when it came to dieting both in-season and off-season as a professional bodybuilder.

In episode 3 of Branch Warren’s Legends segment, we discuss the nutrition involved with building a great physique.

Branch’s off-season dieting approach differs from what is commonly emphasized in pro bodybuilding media outlets.

Instead of gaining massive amounts of weight in the off-season. He always elected to keep things fairly similar as they were during competition prep and maintenance. In fact, in several instances he grew into his stage weight through his diet once prep started vs having to cut absurd amounts of weight for shows.

He also enjoyed and still uses a wide variety of protein sources in his diet. From wild game to standard chicken, he included plenty of different sources throughout the year.

Watch the video to hear more about Branch’s dieting tactics and strategies on how bodybuilders should eat.

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