How to Build Classic Shoulders | 3 Shoulder Exercises w/ Robert Timms

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July 10th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In this video, Gaspari Nutrition athlete & IFBB Pro Robert Timms gives us his favorite shoulder exercises to build the classic shoulders he has on stage.

Last month, the Muscle & Strength media team traveled out to Arizona to hang out with Gaspari Nutrition athlete Robert Timms.

Timms has an elite classic physique.

So, naturally, when we spent some time with him we had to get him to share some tips on how we can build a classic physique of our own.

In this video, Robert shares 3 of his favorite shoulder exercises to build his delts.

Try adding some of these into your own workouts and watch as you transform your shoulders.

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1. Seated Lateral Raise

The first exercise Robert shows us is the seated lateral raise. When performing these keep your wrists down, pull slightly in front of the body, and lead with the lateral delt.

If you’re doing this exercise correctly, you’ll notice that your elbows raise slightly higher than your shoulder and hand. This will help focus the tension on the deltoid.

2. Arnold Press

The second exercise Timms demonstrates for us is the Arnold Press. He’s noticed a lot of people break this movement down into separate movements.

However, he prefers to perform Arnolds using one single motion all the way through.

3. Seated High Row

The final exercise Robert uses to build a complete set of delts targets the rear delts.

The exercise is a variation of the seated row, but performed with a wide grip and pulled high towards the face to better isolate the rear delts.