[Video] How to Build a Muscular Chest w/ Victor Martinez

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August 14th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Victor Martinez shows us 4 different chest exercise variations he likes to use to add muscle to his chest. Give these a shot during your next chest workout!

IFBB Pro and MHP athlete, Victor Martinez, makes another guest appearance on the Muscle & Strength YouTube channel to fill us in on some of his most important chest training secrets.

Everybody wants to develop a big and muscular chest. And now Vic is giving you everything you need to know about which exercises he feels are most beneficial to incorporate into your workouts.

See which you like from the video and try them out during your next chest workout.

1. Incline Dumbbell Fly

Victor likes to start his workouts with the incline dumbbell fly. He utilizes this exercise to warm up the chest and shoulders and to develop a mind muscle connection with the chest for the rest of the workout.

He also likes to perform most of his chest exercises at an incline angle to assist with developing a full upper chest.

He performs these a little different than most. He grabs the dumbbell by the top of the handle with his thumbs facing up. As a result, the dumbbells touch the forearm. This allows you to emphasize the contraction on the chest vs incorporating the biceps.

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2. Incline Dumbbell Press

You can’t go home on chest day without hitting a few sets of incline dumbbell press. They’re by far Victor’s favorite mass building exercise for chest.

The biggest mistake people make is lowering the weight to the shoulder – this involves too much of the rotator cuff. Instead, stop with the weight about 2 inches above, and as you press up, squeeze the chest.

3. Smith Machine Incline Press

Vic’s second favorite exercise is the semi-inclined smith machine bench press. The reason he opts for this variation over the traditional barbell press is because he slightly tore his pec a few years ago.

The semi-inclined smith machine bench press allows him to still work the movement with a lower chance of reinjury.

4. Machine Flat Press

The final exercise he recommends to build a muscular chest is the machine flat press. Not a lot of gyms have this machine, but if your gym does, it’s an awesome exercise to include in your workouts.

If you don’t have this machine, opt for the dumbbell bench press.

With this movement, you can go really heavy and the machine allows you to invert as you press to get a great contraction on the chest.