Grocery Shopping with Physique Pros w/ Steven Cao

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August 6th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Steven Cao takes us through the grocery section of Target and tells us the food options he typically picks up for his weekly grocery shopping trip.

In this video, we join IFBB Men’s Physique Pro and Team BPI athlete, Steven Cao, as he makes his grocery run.

While grabbing what he needs for the week, he discusses why he makes the food selections that he does.

Check it out for some ideas on what to put on your grocery list.

Steven Cao’s Weekly Grocery Run

The first thing he snags when he gets to the grocery store is a tub of baby spinach. Steven likes to add baby spinach to his breakfast and other meals to add more volume to his foods.

For one of his protein sources, he picks up lean ground beef (93% lean). When he’s eating more fat though, he’ll opt for fatty meat sources such as salmon, steak, or eggs.

His go-to egg selection are caged-free eggs. He eats eggs pretty much every day for breakfast.

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Another protein source Steven likes to get is lean and boneless chicken breast. They don’t have the 99% lean chicken breast he typically gets, so he opts for the premium cuts and will trim the fat before cooking.

For convenience sake, he likes to purchase frozen vegetables that he can steam in the microwave. It makes it easier for him as he is always on the go.

And to spice things up, he grabs some sriracha chili sauce, which is a low calorie option you can use to add a little more flavor into your diet. Alternatively, he’ll use mustard if he’s in the mood for a different taste.

For his post-workout meal, he likes to mix 2 scoops of BPI protein with almond milk, and drink it with a breakfast cereal high in sugar to replenish his glycogen levels and fuel his muscle recovery.

To go with his eggs and spinach in the morning, he also picks up some instant oats for a carb source.

For an easy preworkout meal if he’s ever on the go he’ll eat 2 cliff bars. Chocolate brownie is his favorite flavor.

And, one of Steven’s favorite snacks to purchase are rice cakes. They come in plenty of different flavors and they don’t bloat him like some other easy and sweet carb sources might.

As you can see, Steven likes to keep things simple and this is a typical weekly grocery trip he’ll make.

What’re some of your must have grocery items?

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