[Video] Grocery Shopping with Powerlifters w/ Stephanie Sanzo

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March 20th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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We caught up with Primeval Labs athlete, Stephanie Sanzo, at her local grocery store in Australia to find out how she fuels her body to perform her heavy lifts.

In this episode of our grocery shopping series, we visit the land down under!

Primeval Labs athlete and Australia native, Stephanie Sanzo, takes us through the aisles of her local grocery store in our first “Grocery Shopping with Powerlifters” segment.

Grocery Shopping with Stephanie Sanzo

The first thing Steph grabs is a couple bags of spinach for her steak meals and breakfast. She also likes to have plenty of lettuce as a filler throughout the day. As a fruit source, she enjoys having pineapple as a regular part of her diet.

In addition to the pineapple, she purchases a couple containers of blueberries. She has fruits scattered throughout her diet to stabilize her blood sugars and keep her energy levels high.

For other vegetable sources, Steph opts for cucumbers and cherry tomatoes for her salads.

Eggs are a staple in her diet as well. And Steph’s biggest tip for egg shopping is to always check your eggs to ensure none of them are cracked.

Steak is one of her preferred protein source since it’s loaded with creatine, b vitamins, and iron to help her feel amazing and perform at a high level in the gym. Post-workout, she generally eats chicken since it’s low fat.

To help aid in her digestive health, Stephanie drinks peppermint tea regularly.

Rice is her main source of carbs as it’s easily digested and doesn’t cause bloating for her. To stop it from sticking together while cooking, Stephanie utilizes iodine salt. Iodine salt has loads of benefits and aids in thyroid health.

For additional sodium and vitamins, she includes chicken stock into her diet. Instead of pouring over her rice meals though, she actually drinks it after microwaving it.

Another protein source Stephanie includes in her diet is smoked salmon. It’s the perfect on the go meal for when she is in a rush and is also a great salad topper.

And the final item she picks up is cranberry juice. Instead of drinking caffeine, she utilizes the sugar in cranberry juice to give her energy whenever needed.