[Video] Grocery Shopping with Physique Pros w/ Sadik Hadzovic

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April 4th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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IFBB Pro, Sadik Hadzovic, takes us through his local grocery store and explains what food sources he uses to fuel his body while prepping for a show.

Leading into this year’s Arnold Classic, the M&S crew hit the road to visit with GAT Sport athlete, Sadik Hadzovic.

The goal was to get some nutritional insight into what a top-level competitor eats during his prep for one of the biggest shows of the year.

In this video, Sadik takes us on a little tour of his local grocery store.

Watch the video or read on to learn what he purchases and why.

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Grocery Shopping with Sadik Hadzovic

“Whoever says they like diet food is a liar” – Sadik Hadzovic

The first stop in the store is a staple of bodybuilders, egg whites. No matter what time of the year it is, Sadik always starts his morning off with egg whites.

He doesn’t typically shop in bulk, because most of the time you don’t have enough space in your fridge for these sorts of items.

Sadik likes to get frozen vegetables. They last longer and are more convenient to cook than fresh vegetables. He doesn’t typically count the carbs from his vegetables into his macro totals. Instead, he treats them more as a filler food item to help keep himself satiated throughout the day.

When it comes to selecting ground turkey, he recommends opting for the ground turkey breast. It’s leaner than most ground turkey and will save you from consuming too much fat from your protein source.

He also highly recommends purchasing microwavable rice if you’re someone short on time. It’s a quick carbs source that is easy to fix.

Sadik’s been eating the same for about 10 years and can literally count the number of food sources he regularly consumes: rice, oatmeal, potatoes, egg whites, turkey, fish, chicken, steak, asparagus, broccoli, almond butter, and avocado.

He’ll also consume pickles pre-workout. The sodium helps him get better pumps in the gym and pickles are loaded with sodium.

Cream of rice is his carb of choice. He’s also experimenting with gluten-free oatmeal.

Lastly, he snags a container of almond butter. The grand total? $104 for probably less than a week of food.