[Video] Grocery Shopping with Men's Physique Champion Brandon Hendrickson

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October 8th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Brandon Hendrickson takes us through his local Whole Foods and tells us the food options he typically picks up for his weekly trip to the grocery store.

M&S recently took the trip to Chicago, IL to meet up with Beast athlete, Brandon Hendrickson.

At the time Brandon was about 6 weeks out from the 2018 Mr. Olympia contest – where he became the new Men’s Physique champion.

In this video, he takes us with him on his typical grocery run to Whole Foods.

Tag along as The Champ shares his insights on what he eats and why while walking the aisles at the grocery store.

Grocery Shopping with Brandon Hendrickson

Brandon does have a meal prep sponsor (as we saw in Brandon's Full Day of Eating) who provides the majority of the meals he eats during the day. But, there are still 2 meals each day he typically cooks for himself. So, to make those meals he does have to go get premium ingredients to help them taste better and fuel his workouts.

The first thing he grabs is strawberries to add to his morning oats – and he makes it known that he is very picky about the strawberries he’ll end up purchasing. They have to be shiny, without bruises or hair.

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Sticking to berries, Brandon also snags some blueberries to mix with his morning oats as well. He’s a huge fan of adding berries to oats to help combine the salty flavor of the oats with the natural sweetness of the berries.

Fruit really helps him deal with cravings while on any sort of prep. He likes organic grapefruit, and has his own recipe he’s dubbed his “first call out grapefruit”.

For condiments, Brandon sticks to low or no calorie options such as mustard. He adds the mustard to a lot of different things like chicken and shrimp.

Another ingredient he’ll add to his oats from time to time is raisins. Out of all of his meals throughout the day, his eggs and oatmeal in the morning are by far his favorite.

For protein sources, he picks up some low fat options. This includes organic egg whites and shrimp.

Brandon begins to wrap up his grocery run by stressing the importance of veggies for their micronutrients and fiber. Brandon’s favorites are green beans and bell peppers.

And lastly, he adds a source of healthy fat to his shopping cart. His two favorites are avocados and cashews.