[Video] Full Day of Eating w/ Fouad “Hoss” Abiad

Fouad Abiad
Written By: Fouad Abiad
November 30th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Kaged Muscle athlete & IFBB Pro, Fouad Abiad, shows us how he eats to grow during the off-season. Join along as he cooks up some of his favorite bulking meals.

Join the Muscle & Strength team as we spend the day hanging out with IFBB Pro and Kaged Muscle athlete, Fouad Abiad, during his full day of eating.

Fouad is currently in his competitive off-season. This means he’s looking to add mass to his frame.

And his goal in this video is to show our viewers exactly what it takes to put on muscle mass as a competitive elite bodybuilder.

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Meal 1

The first meal of the day is breakfast at Twisted Apron. Twisted Apron is a restaurant in Windsor that is known for using fresh ingredients.

Fouad orders 6 eggs over medium, with 4 slices of rye toast, and a double order of home fries. He would’ve typically gotten oatmeal, but they didn’t serve it at this particular restaurant.

Meal 1 Macros – 1614 Calories, 62g of Protein, 184g of Carbs, 70g of Fat

Meal 2

Meal 2 is his pre-workout meal, which consists of sushi rice and white fish. He likes to keep this meal light and easy to digest.

This is the sort of meal he’d normally eat 1-2 hours before hitting the gym for his workout. That way when he trains it feels like he hasn’t even eaten, but still has enough energy to push himself during his workout.

Meal 2 Macros – 438 Calories, 48g of Protein, 66g of Carbs, 3g of Fat

Meal 3

After he finishes his workout, Fouad heads home to make meal 3. This meal consists of 6oz of chicken and a pound of potatoes.

He pan fries the chicken and air fries the potatoes. And to help him get it all down in a hurry, he drenches it with ketchup and barbeque sauce.

Meal 3 Macros – 570 Calories, 47g of Protein, 91g of Carbs, 2g of Fat

Meal 4

Fouad doesn’t like to cook in the off-season when he doesn’t have to. He’d much rather eat out when given the opportunity. That’s why he decides to eat meal 4 at Swiss Chalet.

He is denied a whole chicken (they only serve half chickens). But, ends up getting the whole bird anyway by ordering 2 half chicken meals, one with fries and one with a side salad.

Meal 4 Macros – 1672 Calories, 180g of Protein, 67g of Carbs, 76g of Fat

Meal 5

Next meal up on Fouad’s full day of eating is his favorite meal. It’s a pasta dish with ground turkey meat and pasta sauce.

He does prefer ground beef to turkey, but finds it a little bit harder to digest. He hopes this substitution will help bring his stomach down going into his next competitive season.

After the pasta is finished cooking and on his plate, he tops it off with parmesan cheese.

Meal 5 Macros – 919 Calories, 52g of Protein, 103g of Carbs, 31g of Fat

Meal 6

And for his pre-bed meal, Fouad opts for another light meal that will digest easily through the night – not affecting his sleep or appetite the following morning.

This meal is a quick protein shake that consists of Kaged Muscle Isolate, oatmeal, a banana, ice and water (or milk).

Meal 6 Macros – 790 Calories, 62g of protein, 122g of carbs, 6g of fat