Are You Fit? Try David Morin's Fitness Assessment Test

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November 13th, 2017
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Team Dymatize athlete David Morin has created the ultimate fitness test to see how fit you really are. Give it a try and let us know where you stand!

So you think you’re fit?

Well, David Morin from team Dymatize has put together the ultimate fit test to see how you measure up.

Think you’ve got what it takes to ace this test?

Give it a shot and let us know your results below!

David Morin's Ultimate Fit Test

How David Morin’s Fit Test Works

If you can perform each one of the following movements for the reps prescribed and in the time provided, then you are a fitness expert.

If you can perform 50% or more, then you are classified as an intermediate.

And if you can only perform a few reps of each movement, then you’re a beginner. And there’s no shame in that, we all have to start somewhere.

1. Sissy Squat

The first movement on David’s fit test is the sissy squat. The sissy squat requires a lot of mobility, flexibility, and core strength to perform.

Make sure your spine is straight for the entire movement and on your way down you come as close to parallel as you possibly can. Then, use your quads and core to bring yourself back up to the starting position.

If you can perform 10 sissy squats in one minute, then you are an expert.

2. Split Squat

The second exercise on David’s fit test is the plyometric variation of the split squat.

If you can perform 100 of these in one minute, then you are an expert.

3. Duck Walk

The third movement in David’s expert fitness test is the duck walk. This is another exercise that is going to challenge your mobility.

If you can perform 50 reps of duck walks in one minute, you qualify as an expert.

4. Pistol Squat

The fourth movement is an exercise that was popularized by Crossfit and is known as the pistol squat.

If you can perform 10 pistol squats with each leg in one minute (20 total reps), you’re an expert.

5. Clapping Push Up

The fifth movement of the expert fitness assessment test is the plyometric clapping push up.

If you can perform 25 clapping pushups in one minute, you qualify as an expert.

6. Burpee-Pike Combo

The last movement of David’s fit test is a beast of a combo movement. For the final move, you’ll perform burpee-pike combinations.

If you can perform 10 of these movements in one minute, you pass this portion of the fit test as an expert.