[Video] Clean Fast Food: Pollo Tropical & Dunkin' Donuts w/ Steven Cao

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November 21st, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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Steven Cao takes us through the drive thru at Pollo Tropical and Dunkin' Donuts to show us how to eat clean when on the go and in need of food for fuel.

Sure… Most of us would rather eat a nicely prepped meal that hits all our macros perfectly for every single meal.

However, we realize that’s not always realistic.

Life gets in the way – and when you’re on the go, you might find yourself trying to decipher a fast food menu.

Luckily, IFBB Pro and BPI athlete Steven Cao has you covered.

In this episode of Clean Fast Food, Steven takes us through the drive-thru window at Pollo Tropical and Dunkin Donuts to show us exactly what he’d order when on the go.

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Pollo Tropical

Steven’s first stop is Pollo Tropical. Pollo Tropical is a fast-growing (but small) chain located in Florida and parts of Georgia. They’re very similar to other fast-casual Mexican restaurants and have a focus on the quality of their ingredients.

Steven orders a small Trop-Chop bowl with grilled chicken, half white rice/half lettuce, black beans, corn and onions.

The reason he decided to go half white rice was because he had eaten a higher carb meal earlier in the day and likes the texture lettuce brings to the bowl. All-in-all, this selection is a macro-friendly bowl with quality and fresh ingredients.

Pollo Tropical Macros: 535 Calories, 44g of Protein, 75g of Carbs and 14g of Fat

Dunkin Donuts

Steven admits on his way to Dunkin that he loves breakfast foods and is always craving it. He usually orders off the DD Smart side of the menu, which is dedicated to having healthier options.

However, the particular restaurant they went to didn’t have this portion of the menu, so he had to pull a quick audible while ordering.

Instead he goes with a turkey sausage, egg, and cheese on an English muffin and an iced coffee with 2 Splendas and a little bit of cream. The breakfast sandwich overall is fairly balanced with a high protein content, carbs from the English muffin, and fat from the slice of cheese.

The ice coffee is a low calorie beverage that can help satisfy his sweet tooth (it tastes like a milk shake).

Dunkin Donuts Macros: 550 Calories, 29g of Protein, 41g of Carbs, 30g of Fat