A Day With Ryan Terry | Living in America

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June 5th, 2018
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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In this episode “A Day With”, we follow Ryan Terry shortly after he’s moved to America. Watch how he has adapted to the American lifestyle in Florida.

In this episode of our popular Youtube series, “A Day With”, we follow Ryan Terry shortly after he’s moved to America with his fiancé Amy.

As we follow Ryan, we get an inside look into his everyday lifestyle.

In the video, he goes into the differences between the UK and America, his competition goals in Men’s Physique for the future, and how his relationship with Amy has helped him establish a lifestyle balance he’s never had before.

A Day with Ryan Terry

Ryan starts off his day by preparing an apple cider vinegar and lemon juice concoction to help aid in his digestion. He does this every morning and finds it especially helpful during the off-season when he places a lot of strain on his digestive system by consuming more food.

Afterwards, he heads out for a 20-25 min walk on the beach as his form fasted cardio.

Ryan’s been living in America for 8 months, moving 2 days prior to starting last year’s Olympia prep.

At 9am, Ryan head’s to his medical exam. Ryan has partnered with a physician since moving to the US to help him better monitor his overall health – which can take quite a toll while competing in professional bodybuilding.

Ryan didn’t get to completely take advantage of the American cuisine when he first arrived to the States due to his Olympia prep. However, after the Olympia he decided to take a break from competition and gave himself a proper off-season to recover from the stress of moving, competing, and dieting.

Ryan’s go to fast food chain in the US is Chipotle. And he and Amy admit to eating there 2-3 times per week (at least). They claim that America is a dangerous place to not be on a diet, because there is temptation everywhere. Whereas in the UK, you really have to travel to enjoy a meal or dessert out.

The focus on Ryan’s offseason workouts is getting full contractions and full pumps with every workout. Ryan enjoys traditional 5-6 day bodybuilding splits and sticks with that style of training year round. This is the first time in years that Ryan’s been in a calorie surplus and he’s finding enjoyment in training again.

When Ryan was single and starting out in the industry, he was obsessed with training, eating, and sleeping. Obviously, they are components you have to focus on to do well in the sport, but you still need some degree of balance.

Meeting Amy provided that sense of balance for Ryan. She has helped him establish a life outside of training and outside of work. Ryan feels that having a strong support system was the piece to the equation he’s been missing all of these years.

His goal for 2018 is to win the 2018 Olympia.