HIIT Routine with Team Scivation

High Intensity Interval Training is an effective way to burn fat. Not only do you burn the calories while you are performing the routine, but you also elevate your metabolism for long after the workout. This burns more calories during the rest of your day.

Join Team Scivation's Marc Lobliner and Derek Charlebois as they walk you through one of their favorite HIIT Routines and as a bonus, show you an effective Ab workout to add after your training.

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Posted Wed, 04/04/2012 - 01:33

I've been looking for some good HIIT routines and this video provides some excellent ideas. Today I tried 30 seconds easy and 30 seconds sprinting on a stationary bike and I could only do that for ten minutes before I was dead. Next time I'll definitely try 15/45 second intervals to make sure I can do a second set later. Also showing examples of kettle bells is great, I'm one of the many that had no idea what to do with them. Again, thanks very much and keep up the good work!