[Video] 3 Exercises to Build a Wider Back w/ George Peterson

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May 30th, 2019
Updated: March 30th, 2021
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George Peterson is known for having one of the widest backs in bodybuilding. Learn which 3 movements he prioritizes to build his impressive back.

In this video, we travel to Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym to meet up with current Arnold Classic Classic Champion and Redcon1 athlete, George Peterson.

George is known for having one of the best backs in the sport.

Today, he’s giving us his 3 favorite exercises that he uses to build a wider back.

Try them out for yourself during your next back workout.

1. Pull Ups

Pull ups are a must for back development. In George’s opinion, pull ups are one of the best exercises out there and if you want to develop a wide back, you should have wide grip pull ups somewhere in your program.

Set up your hands a little wider than shoulder width. From there, pull up until your chin reaches the bar.

There’s a reason not a lot of guys do pull ups. It’s one of the hardest exercises you can do for back. George recommends starting your back workout with wide grip pull ups and performing 3-4 sets.

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2. Seated Close Grip Cable Row

His second favorite back exercise, and one he uses to develop his lower lats, is the seated close grip cable row.

To perform this exercise, grab the close grip handle and sit on the bench with your legs slightly bent. From there, stretch your lats out, and pull while expanding your chest on the contraction.

By expanding your chest, you increase the range of motion slightly and feel your back work just a little bit more.

3. Reverse Close Grip Pull Down

For the final exercise, George shows us a reverse close grip pull down. These are performed similarly to normal close grip pull downs except you face away from the machine and place your upper back on the foot pads.

He finds this exercise to be really beneficial in helping bring in middle back thickness.

To do this exercise, you almost row/pull down hybrid the weight to your chest. Make sure to expand your chest as you perform the movement.